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Power colors review

edited December 2017 in Color Mixing


I could never get the right colors for my peacocks with the limited palette.... this is a super zoomed in crop but just look at all those shades of turquoise. A tiny bit of the power blue and my range with what I can make exploded. I only made just a couple colors for this little section.

so glad I bought them and because I don’t need much of it it is going to last a very long time.


  • Nice range!  It's like it was made for peacock feathers.

    One thing to remember is that the power blue in particular is difficult to get out of the brush.  A paper towel and brush dip are not enough; it needs a good clean.

    Try this to see what I mean: use brush in phthalo blue, wipe it off, dip it in white and mix.  Back comes the blue, very strongly.
  • edited December 2017
    This is the reason to keep a collection of brushes on hand, what I mean is the following, there are certain brushes I keep that are only used for dark colors (B&B), white colors, green colors and red colors. Because these are stained unable to clean completely, but still quite wonderful brushes to paint with. I also have 2 brush holders, one holds 11 brushes, my latest holds 15. Learned this tip from Mark C.
  • @Forgiveness that's a lot of brushes.  I use one, my brush holder is the palette.
  • edited December 2017
    Yes, that's a lot of brushes as Mark encouraged in my very beginning here. I came to learn that I can save myself a lot of going through brushes and money over the long term. Have you ever seen Mark's collection of brushes, WOW! And Mark also offers tips on how to care and use brushes when using power colors because of the staining that does occur. First brushes I purchased were house brand at incredibly ridiculous low price limited time offer, I couldn't resist and bought many, alright for just beginning. I actually most often use up to about 15 brushes, only need the one holder that works for me.
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