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Studio set up when light is EVERYWHERE!

Hi there!
So my studio is in an alcove of our converted attic. It has vaulted ceilings and the main light source is two windows in the alcove. But with the white vaulted ceilings I feel like light is bouncing around everywhere, I always thought that was a good thing until I watched how to set up your studio! Once I figure out where to hang some dark fabric, how do I address all of that reflecting light off of the ceilings? Maybe I just have to get black out curtains? 


  • JessicaArt

    As Mark clearly demonstrates the critical area for dark curtain is behind you as you stand at the easel.
    Wear dark clothing. This will cut glare on the easel.

    A secondary source of glare is behind your easel. This is glare affecting your eyes and results in misperception of value.

    By darkening the wall behind a shadow box a still life can come to life.

    Perhaps a blackout on one of the windows would make the task easier.


  • black out but take your plants downstairs
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