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Wood grain of table

Do I blend (not a good word here) the table, then put thin lines of wood grain on or ?


  • Tiger Woodgrain?   a picture of the source would be helpful (is it rough-sawn natural or a fine furniture finish)but the way it looks now is way out of perspective. the wood looks like it is nearly vertical and the cup is hanging in air. the lines of the edges of the boards will get closer together as it recedes toward the background. the grain will become tighter and less defined as it recedes. The cup and beans are well done especially the reflection of the cup on the coffee and it's not a bad composition either. 
  • Thanks BOB73! Yes tiger is in the background.i appreciate you taking the time to comment. 
  • there's not much change in color and only a few values.. blending may not give you the right overall color. the background blurs out starting behind the cup so you will have to imagine your own details. are you color checking on the photo?
  • I don't have much critique to add, I think @BOB73 gave good advice. If your going for a natural realistic look you might want to tone down the intensities of the oranges, reds etc. in the wood to closer match the source photo. 

    That being said, right now your painting has a really cool modern pop vibe that makes it looks like it should be hanging in a Starbucks. If that's what your going for then keep the intensity :) 
  • I'm thinking the top third of the painting needs to be desaturated and blended heavily, left-to-right blending only.  The middle third blended and the red removed.  The bottom third blended and then grain detail added for the part below the cup.  But that's only applicable if you're going for photorealism.

    If not, then you've added nice colors that will look great with blending.

    I think you'll need to take out the bumps in the various curves of the coffee cup, mostly the coffee level cadn reflection, because those are going to need to be perfect.

    Good painting, keep going.
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