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Palette knife scratching palette

I have a cheap palette knife and it's scratching my Geneva palette glass.  There's something about that sharp corner that is scratching.  I have about six deep scratches, that I did myself, they certainly weren't there when the palette was new.

I tried two different palette knives so far, same result.

Anyone else getting a lot of scratches? Is there such a thing as a good palette knife that doesn't do this?


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    @PaulB I thought I was the only one, I don't use Mark's pallets and has happened to me. So far I found this tool to be the best! but still have to be careful that the lips that hold the blade in place aren't protruding anywhere can scratch again, can also file down any hard and sharp corners before using. Have to go slow at cleaning the palette with this. Hope this helps. I had to replace my glass palettes with new ones, paint mixing gets difficult and is real hard on brushes. Those scratches shaves those brushes down in no time and bits, hair shavings get into mixed paint! so far all is well!
  • The above is a household paint scraper from homehardware store.
  • @Forgiveness interesting.  I've noticed that dragging the brush through one of the scratches has cut the hairs sometimes.  I'm just going to try and avoid mixing on the scratched parts.
  • PaulB

    A long bladed soft stainless spring steel palette knife with a round nose is recommended. Select for flexibility. May cost a few dollars more but there is no substitute for mixing pigment.


  • Thanks @dencal.  Sounds like something I want to play with in a store rather than buy online.
  • It takes more work but a hard plastic dishwashing brush can remove dried oil paint off a glass palette and doesn't scratch the glass.
  • for cleaning a palette I use what forgiveness uses. Mine has a plastic handle for comfort but uses the same blades. I bought it for my wife to clean the class stove top. It works perfectly for that too. I used a putty knife too. I had sharpened the edge on one side like a chisel. That worked well too. the trick is to hold the blade at a very low angle. You'll know when you've gone too low - you will have paint on your knuckles.
  • I let the alcohol set a while and do most of the work before I begin to scrape.  Not had to replace glass palettes yet--knock on wood--haha!   :)   
  • Kingston said:
    I don’t really understand cleaning dry paint. I cant get Geneva Paint to dry on the palette. There and a half weeks. What gives.
    I have a puddle of cad red that is six weeks old on the palette, and basically unchanged from day 1.  The other colors I consume more rapidly, so they don't even get a chance.

    But when I mix color, those little thin layer puddles dry to the point where I need a knife in a couple of days.
  • SummerSummer -
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    I use other brands besides Geneva.  Some paints dry more quickly than others.  Several paintings going at one time with some I never get back to.
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