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Black Friday!

Must keep telling myself..

.. I do not need any more art supplies! .. I do not need any more art supplies! .. I do not need any more art supplies! .. I do not need any more art supplies! .. I do not need any more art supplies! 


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    I got lucky today as I purchased a pad of 10 canvas sheets for practicing on, real cheap. It was the last pad they had on hand 100% cotton (triple primed, acid free), 9" x 12", only $6.99cdn. I would have never got this if I had waited 'til Black Friday. I don't like shopping all that much on busy high traffic days.
  • I still have nightmares about "Tickle-Me Elmo".
  • BOB73: You don't need any more hats..
  • I wear out hats more quickly than socks and Get a new hat almost as often as a new quart of milk. I tried to put a damage claim in with FEMA for the hats I'd lost in the flood but after they figured in the depreciation I would have owed them $307.19 . For future disasters however, they provided me with a box of preventative equipment including a needle, thread and three dozen 2" cork ball floats.
  • Well, I took advantage of the 20% sale at  Doesn't that make me sound like a corporate shill.
  • tassieguy said:
    What is Black Friday?
    Thanksgiving Day in the US is the 4th Thursday in November.  The day after has become a shopping frenzy, and called Black Friday because it turns the balance sheets black, and, well, it's a Friday.

    This has been going on for decades, and generally marks the beginning of the Christmas holiday season.  Since the phenomena arose, retailers reinforce it by having special deals/sales.  Stores and Malls are generally mobbed.

    It's a day that many people have time off work, and a day that I don't leave the house or go anywhere near a store.

    Recently, there is a fabricated "Cyber Monday" which follows that weekend, and represents online retailers doing the same thing.
  • SummerSummer -
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    Here in the US, "it is the day after Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season, on which retailers offer special reduced prices."

    I think Mark has a sale going on at Geneva Fine Arts Store.  Everything but the new canvas stain has been reduced, as I recall.

    I got a few good Black Friday deals from offers in my emails.  


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    @tassieguy Black Friday exists here in Canada too! same as US, our Thanksgiving is in October.
  • It's Black Friday because if you want the best deals you have to be among the first in line when the doors open so people start lining up the night before in the dark. They sometimes have tents and sleeping bags. I was lucky enough to queue up behind a man who brought a propane heater and stayed warm all night. That was the last time for me. Waiting 8pm to 7 am to save $180.00 on a Lap Top PC for my daughter in high school. I was nowhere near the front door but I did get it. I'd have paid full price to forego the experience. Years earlier I waited like that to get a "Tickle-Me Elmo" Didn't get it but Grandma saved the day.
  • Thanks, guys, for explaining it.  :)
  • All new to me. I had a wonderful Black Friday. I went to work. Then came home. 
  • FYI, Geneva Fine Arts sale (up to 20%) runs till midnight Nov. 27th. Jerry's Artarama has free shipping (U.S.) on orders over $35 on sale or not. Claessens Universal Primed Linen Rolls 82"x6 tds less than $300 USD for those that stretch their own that's a good deal. (Jerry should give me additional discount for all this advertising I do for him).
  • I caved in and bought another set of Geneva paints and a tube of stain - not sure the shelf life of Geneva paints,..........
  • alsart said:
    I caved in and bought another set of Geneva paints and a tube of stain - not sure the shelf life of Geneva paints,..........
    If you keep the tube sealed, just as it comes from Geneva, it should be fine for a good long time.  Years I hope, because I think one tube of Cad Red is a lifetime's supply.  I'm guessing there are bad ways to store it, but basically indoors ought to be fine.
  • At a garage sale, I bought a paint box for the wooden box and was surprised that the tubes of oils (with unreadable labels) were till good. these had to be at least 20 years old. There were a few plastic tubes of acrylic and though newer had gone smelly bad and useless. There was one good quality brush with the price tag intact of $ 1.19. that and the condition is how I new the things were very old.
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