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Sea/landscape WIP

I am going to take a break from portrait work and paint a sea/landscape just for fun. I roughed out the composition in Raw Umber and added some color to begin to explore the composition and values. This is on a 24 x 36 inch canvas. I like the dimensions as they give you plenty of room to spread out the elements of the painting. Happy painting all.

PaulB[Deleted User]FilurenFlattywerby


  • Nice beginning. Enjoy your break.
  • I like the subject, this looks like it will be a fun one.  As @MikeDerby would tell you, check your verticals on the lighthouse.
  • I have been chugging along on this and learning a lot ( as usual). I had to temporarily paint over the lighthouse so I could get the sky in correctly. I plan to put the lighthouse back in when the sky blue dries. I realized this is a "hub and spoke" design so I am pretty confident in the composition. I am working on graying down the distant trees and rock, but they are not quite right yet. I am pretty happy with the three buildings on the dock, but need to add shadows and highlights before they are finished. As always feedback is much appreciated. 

  • I agree, it looks more to me like your umber layer is simply there to give you a basic idea of proportion and value before you proceed to direct painting. Please correct me if I'm wrong though. 
  • I like the concept and the view but the methodology is outta my wheelhouse. It looks pretty good though.
  • Actually everyone is correct. In this painting I am using the burnt umber as a sketch to get the basic dimensions. I did not do a full blown under painting as I am creating the scene from imagination as I go  and I have no reference photo I am working from. So I really have no idea what this is going to finally look like. )) I do paint over the umber sketch with many thin layers of color to develop values, hue and final composition. I have to do it this way since I am partially color blind in reds and greens and I cant see mixtures of those colors very well. Those were some good observations and I appreciate the depth of thought all of you put into your comments. Happy painting all. )
  • If you get the values right the colors aren't as important.
  • I'm enjoying the expansiveness of this composition. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
  • I decided that I made some errors in my composition, so I thought I would erase everything and start over. I used Mark's new Foundation and put one coat over the dry painting. Wow it covered great and I can see just enough of the original composition to recreate the elements I want and paint over those I don't. I will post a full review on the new foundation in the products discussion area. If you would like to see the process I used and my evaluation of the foundations performance please check it out. Happy Painting all! 

  • Well... It's  further along than mine so... good start. I don't know as I would have started again from scratch, you had a workable piece going on. I see we both trained through TEEX. Most of mine was at Brayton Field by Easterwood airport for fire schools but lots of weekenders closer to home. I like the knights too. They could add interest to a still-life.
  • Howdy BOB73, Yes, small world. ) I taught for TEEX in the Occupational and Environmental Safety Training Division for about 12 years, then went over and taught at the university for another 10. I took the volunteer fireman training at Brayton many years ago, quite an experience! I have been toying with the idea of painting a knights and battlefield for a while now. I guess one day I will just have to jump in and do it.
  • Ok once more into the breach ! I have to complete this to enter in the VAC Fall Competition, so I am working on this at the same time I am doing a wedding portrait (which I cant enter). I am roughing in the shapes and values at this point. As always comments are welcome. ) Happy painting all. 

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