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... what I have been up to...

edited November 2017 in General Discussion
My dear forum friends. I have been away for a couple of months. Here is a short report of what has happened so far in following my goal on developing an art career … Time is against me, age is against me, my lack of a smart art school is against me, but I give it a try anyway. I love painting so much (as all of you do) I don’t have a choice.

- I have participated in many competitions. Some with deceptions, others with big honors and the most important one with a placement in the final judgment, where the chosen ones are in an exhibition at the MEAM (Museum of modern art in Barcelona). I had 3 of 7 jurors lifting their hands (among them my big big hero Anonìo Lopez Garcìa)… even if I have not been chosen, I was so terribly proud to see my painting in front of the jurors…

- I have been looking for galleries. It is sooo much work… And I was lucky enough to find one. A gallery in Zurich that will organize my first solo show next year in October…

- I have been reading a lot about art history in general and about realism in special. I want to try to position myself somewhere in the branch ‘contemporary realism’ which will take another 10 years of my life, I guess…

- I tried to develop an Instagram and a Facebook account (solely art stuff). I love Instagram (fast/visual/easy/very nice people/all the big artists) and I am not a big fan of FB (very complicated/time consuming/slow)… Some of you are on there and I was always happy to see your new paintings!

- I try to find my own way, my own stories that I want to tell in my paintings. This is the hardest part that keeps me up at night and in the same time gives me so much strength to keep on… everything I want to do has been done before. But I realized that this is not something to despair about, but rather something to build up on… I see it like the world-wide science community, with a new study I build up my little idea on the ideas of hundreds and thousands before…

- I still don’t have an own brush stroke (it changes with my moods and it changes with time)…

- I still don’t have a vision of my way of art (but maybe I am looking too far ahead and cabbage is my destination)

- but I am on my way… glad to be back in the forum!!!!



  • You’re very welcome back @ EstherH 
    I’ve missed both you and your work.  :)
  • @EstherH Welcome back.  It sounds like you have a lot of stories of competitions and galleries and I hope you can share some of them.
  • @Hilary ; Thank you Hilary for the warm welcome... I am very curious to search in the old posts what you all have painted the last couple of months...
  • @PaulB Thank you Paul, yes, I have a lot of stories... feel free to ask if you are interested in anything! Your leave painting is great!
  • EstherH said:
    @PaulB Thank you Paul, yes, I have a lot of stories... feel free to ask if you are interested in anything! Your leave painting is great!
    Thank you @EstherH, did you mean the leaf painting where I tried to emulate you?  Or was it the other leaf painting where I tried to emulate you?  Just teasing.

    I'd be interested in your experience shipping large paintings, for example, did they return undamaged, did it cost a fortune to send them to NYC, for example?  Do you prefer local competitions when you can personally deliver them?

    The other stories are how you approached the first gallery, and how that (presumed) rejection unfolded.  Did you take paintings there, or send them your website link, etc.

    I don't mean this to be a burden on your time, but you've taken the steps that most of us have not, so it's naturally all very interesting to me to hear about.

  • Hi @EstherH, nice to see you again  =)
  • edited November 2017
    Hi, @EstherH!  Good to see you back at DMP. You are going to be successful, I jut know it. Now you've found a gallery to handle your work things will be easier. But keep entering those competitions. :)


  • @Boudicca    Thank you for your welcome! I appreciate it ... :3

    @tassieguy ;  Rob Thanks a lot... and thank you for believing in my success... ! I saw in a post, that you have been very successfull too! Congratulations!
  • EstherH said:

    ... and my first collector has found me in in a local newspaper and contacted me ... 

    @EstherH Can you tell me what "collector" means?  Is it someone buying a second piece from you?  Or perhaps it is something more - a customer with whom you converse occasionally or show work, thus giving them first refusal?
  • edited November 2017
    @EstherH ; Great to see you again! This is wonderful!
  • So glad you are back.  So happy for your success.  I was watching an interview with Andrew Wyeth's granddaughter and she was relating that Andy told her that his wife was the secret to his success.  He just painted but she promoted him tirelessly and he said, made him the man he was.  You need your version of Betsy Wyeth!  Its hard to do both jobs.
  • @PaulB ; Paul, English is not my first language, so you might know better. But the person I was mentioning spends his life with collecting art. He does not do anything else and he has a huge collection like a museum. He follows artists he likes and buys there work. Usually big names, but as you can see also 'nonames' like me...

    @Forgiveness ;   Great to see you too! In the next weeks I will go through all I have missed and I am very curious what you have been up to!!!! I am sure, you made incredible progress... =)
  • What a fantastic journey you are on!  I cannot imagine how it must have felt to see your painting before the jurors like that - thank you so much for sharing.  I hope you have the most magnificent of successes.  
  • @MikeDerby ;   Hallo Mike! Thank you so much for your kind welcome. Beautiful story about Andrew Wyeth... everybody needs his Betsy W.... don't we?
  • edited November 2017
    @EstherH If I am not wrong, the situation shown in the photo above is definitely a proud moment for you! Do you have any clue about what and how do they judge in these competitions?
  • @Julianna ; Actually it was a very hard time for me. During 3 days the jury was discussing and some of the discussions were live on Instagram. And I was soooo afraid to hear really bad things about my painting and loose every motivation to continue... They sent me the picture later on, no idea why. But I am happy to see at least some of these great artists voting for me. Honestly, one single one would have made my year... and I wish the same to you Julianna: a big big success with your paintings!

    @Kaustav You are right, to be in this final was the most beautiful moment in my art career so far... The Figurativas competition is extremely transparent about theire judging process (which is nice but alse devastating if they don't like a painting). You can follow the judgment 2015 in a video in youtube...
  • @EstherH Really amazing news! The only thing I can wish you is to enjoy every moment of what is happening to you right now, you deserve it...There will be many fleeting moments of chance, be alert! :)
  • @erg Thank you very much for your words...

    @michalis ;  Thanks a lot for your good wishes... I will make my best out of it...  don't really know what you mean by 'fleeting moments of chance' :# :# ? I try to learn to get rejected and I learn to be disappointed and I learn to see better artists work as a goal and not as a depressing limit for myself... I hope that's sufficient...  =), because that's all I can take ;) ;)
  • So glad to hear of your success @EstherH
    Your work is exceptional and impossible to forget once you’ve seen it. 

    When I first found this forum , quite by accident by the way ,  the very first post I clicked on was the one where you had posted your leaf painting. I thought it was a photograph! 
    I could not believe that someone had actually been able to paint leaves so realistically.  Not just realistically but be able to highlight their beauty and appeal. Never had I seen anything like this before , and I’ve never forgotten my initial reaction to your work. 
    I imagine a lot of people have that reaction. 
    So that was my introduction to this forum and my first post was to you !!  :)
    Very very well done. I’m absolutely thrilled that your stunningly good paintings are getting the recognition they deserve.  
    Enjoy every moment of your success and bask in the knowledge that just like @tassieguy’s paintings , they will give a lot of people a lot of pleasure for a very long time to come. 
    That must be such a lovely thought for any artist. 

  • @Hilary ; My dear Hilary, you really should have a medal for the nicest posts in this forum! Your words always give me (and I am sure everybody else) so much motivation and many times they made my day and after reading, I had an urge to go back to work and create some more paintings... Thank you for that! Esther
  • Thank you @EstherH
    What a lovely thing to say.  
  • WOW! @EstherH ; Your telling of your experiences are as wonderful as your paintings. I can only assume that since you continue to put yourself through these troubles and expense that you love doing it. I hope chasing the blue butterfly is making you happy. It's too bad you are not in America, you could have your own REALITY TELEVISION SHOW. You would be famous overnight and your works would be a hundred times more valuable and the TV Producers would subsidize your expenses. 
  • WOW! @BOB73 ;    Thank you for your words! The blue dragon-fly ( ;)) is still ages away but I can see it sometimes in the paintings of other artists... catching a glimpse of her wings here and there must be enough for now... I don't want to be famous and I don't want to be on TV but I really like to be in America and I would love to have somebody pay my expenses...

    And by the way @BOB73 ;  I am still waiting for a painting of a red fire truck... you almost promised it some time ago... ;) :3
  • Artists have so much work to do.  

    I'm so glad you're giving it your all!  I have a feeling your voice will be heard through art or other means.
  • @Yorick   Thank you so much! What a nice thing to say... and yes, we all heard it a thousand times, but now I realize it every day: Art is a job and it is a beautiful job as well...
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