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Paint a transparent dress

Anyone know or got experience from how to paint a quite transparent dress?
Im used to paint wet on wet so maybe i need to paint layers on this one?


  • Kingston said:
    It’s just color
    Yes thats may be true, will you get the feeling that it is a transparent dress then?
  • Is that crop going to be the one you're using, or are you also doing the faces? I think how you paint the clothes depends on how important they are going to be to the image. If they're just in the background then you could probably get away without painting all those tiny lines.

    It also depends on whether you're going for super high realism or not. For the parts of the dress with the super tiny lines I wouldn't bother trying to paint those, and for the other parts where the lines are even visible from a distance you could maybe just paint some of them to give the impression that they are there?

    The transparent parts should be easy just by careful colour matching. Interested to see how this turns out.
    Thanks for the advice! yes i will paint a whole picure with face and everything.
    Exactly what i was thinking also, im not that big fan of super realism so maybe go with color checking alot and skip alot of small details i guess
  • Sophie Ploeg is a master - on one of her blog posts, she demonstrates   
  • I believe you have the right idea in a lot of color checking, get your values right and this would get you good color matching, the transparency of the dress should just happen automatically, no worries. As Kingston said, "it's just color."
  • Hey @Moksart ; I don't know if you are interested but I spent a good deal of time in awe of this painting by Mary Cassatt  - there was an exhibit in San Francisco a few weeks ago.  It is just paint :)

  • Paint her skin tones under the dress slightly, then make your paint stocks on the dress simple and direct but don’t spend too much focus. Hope that helps oh yah try painting a color study. 
    [Deleted User]
  • It seems to me like there is a general difference in skin tone between the regular skin and the part under the mesh part of the dress.  That difference, I think is 90% of the impression of the dress.  Add the embroidery and the white edges of the sleeves on the upper arms and the brain will fill in the rest.  I think it will be pretty straightforward as long as you don't try to paint the actual diamond mesh pattern, at least not generally.  There's only one spot on the model's left upper arm that is clear.  The rest is just a moray pattern.  But I'm not that experienced.

  • Have a look at how others painted transparency and this will give you an idea of how to accomplish it. You just have to create the illusion of it.
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