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Cheap Raw Cotton Canvas for oil painting

Does anyone know if there’s a cheap raw cotton duck canvas available?  I’ve been using cotton duck off of amazon and it has gone up in price.  I’ve read online that some people use drop cloth from Home Depot and gesso those.  Any suggestions?


  • dencaldencal -
    edited October 2017

    Yes. I’ve seen YouTube videos using drop sheets on 4x2s for large canvases.

    Expect higher absorbency, hairy texture and a shorter life.


  • Go to a sewing and fabric store where people go to buy cloth for making clothes. unbleached muslin is one thing artists have used but for my money it is too difficult to stretch. It might be ok for gluing on a board, never tried it myself. but I brought this up because there a number of alternatives to canvas you can use. They'll cut pieces for you to try and if you like it you can go back and buy by the yard or the roll (bolt). 
  • I use cotton artist canvas from Big Duck Canvas Warehouse online.  I like the 10 oz which usually runs about $5 a yard. I alsmuse the Dock Blick Standard stretcher bars. 
  • I plan to try the drop cloth cotton, which is very thick and well made, but shop around, since not all of them have the same weave or weight. The one I got has the same kind of weave as regular canvas, but others have a sort of herringbone pattern which wouldn't work as well. The important part is that it needs to be sealed and primed properly, otherwise the oil paint will deteriorate the canvas over time.
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