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Canvas staining

I again, looked at Marks video on staining canvas.  
It looks as though he stains a raw canvas and uses the foundation as the gesso?
Is this correct or does he gesso the canvas first?
Do you get the same tooth with just a stain as you would with gesso?
Does the foundation white that he uses act as a gesso?


  • He uses pre-primed (oil-primed) canvas and then adds his own stain to get the base colour he likes. As far as I know...

    For "tooth" you'll likely have to experiment with lots of different canvases and paintings to figure out what you like. I've never tried oil-primed linen so I have no idea what it's like to paint on.

    With Gesso you can prepare it however you like to get either a very rough surface or a super smooth one or anything in between.
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