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Boy with cap

jarubejarube -
edited October 2017 in Post Your Paintings
Boy with cap
oil on canvas

This is a very first time I am showing my work in public, so I want critique.
As I introduced, I am a full time photographer for almost 10 years, started painting this summer.


  • Hi @jarube    Thank you for sharing.  I am not a portrait painter so I can't give you any feedback other than my initial reaction - I like the brushwork and freedom and "fun" you seemed to have with the hair.  The colors, to me, look very grey - the hair and shadows seem very cool where perhaps some warmth would do well.  The shoulders seem too high and thin - check your shoulder measurements (turning upside down with reference photo helps - look at negative space).  There are other fine portrait artists here who can help you better - thank you for sharing.  I think this is a fabulous start if this is your first portrait!

  • The eyes have good life in them and the expression is good. 
    Also the hair and the cap are well painted. 
    I see nothing to criticise, if I’m honest. 
    Actually on looking at it again , I think I find your signature distracting. At first I saw it as a tattoo.  But maybe this wouldn’t be something that most people would worry about. 
    I’m not a fan of tattoos. I know  I’m probably behind the times in this  ;)
    But I think it’s a great portrait, you have the eye of a photographer which must be a massive help when choosing a subject and settling on a composition. 
  • edited October 2017
    Lovely subject and an interesting composition, @jarube.

    If I were to work on anything it would be to get some more gradation in some key areas. For example, the line down the side of the nose and on the left side of the chin. You can turn planes with subtle gradations of value and with lost and found edges to achieve a much more subtle effect. Also, the cap seems a bit amorphous.

    However, overall I think it is a very good portrait, especially for someone so new to painting.

    Well done! :)

    PS I agree with @Hilary about the signature. Perhaps move it further down into the lower right corner.
  • jarubejarube -
    edited October 2017
    Julianna, thank you for your comment, my family was impressed by this picture and I wanted critics from experienced eye. I compared my painting with the reference picture, and you are right about a little bit thin shoulders and shadows need more warmth as well. 

    Hilary, thanks for comment, I hate tattoos too and will be more careful writing my signature i the future :) 

    tassieguy, thank you for your comment. I see something wrong with the cap too.
    I have not framed any of my painting yet, so don't know where the signature should be, I'm afraid frame can hide it, so put a little bit away from corner.

    It is strange, that you didn't say hair is wrong, because I don't like it too (for me looks like cap and hair need a correction)
  • Hello @jarube without the reference photo it is hard to provide critique -- I'm wondering if this subject's nose is as flat as the painting suggests?  I would expect it might have more of a 3 dimensional appearance and have found it useful to darken the mid part and lighten the end a bit, of course that is entirely dependent on the subject's nose shape.  

  • I love the carefree Brushstrokes especially the hair. It reminds me of painting from life. I can't really critique without the source image. The portrait looks like he is leaning forward and saying yes I'm listening.

    show the world your art proud, passionate, and especially original.

    looking forward to more
  • @Bancroft414, @werby posting a photo reference.
    Seems that you are right about nose flatness, it need more highlight on the tip.

    For me the biggest goal in this portrait was to obtain the emotion, and I slightly made him more smiling. I like painting happy people :)
  • I think in the painting you turned his eyes slightly towards the viewer.
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