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Halloween still-life - alla-prima

Heya, folks! 

I thought id share some festive art with my favorite art group

I just straight-shotted this fella in hopes to get the pumpkin we carved last night (there) outside. I had no idea my girlfriend was allergic to pumpkins, so i had to rush! (Lol)

I just didnt have it in me to push the chroma any harder. It tapped me out pretty good!

Thanks for dropping in. Feedback, of course, welcome.


  • Nice fun subject.  Your signature palette is there.  The pumpkin is perfect, but I wonder if the vertical lines should extend more into the lower half.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2017
    @JPB ; So, that's what sharks are eating these days?  I like the composition and the great start you made with this painting.  Happy Halloween to you too--and your girlfriend.  Summer 
  • Nice job @JPB. Good fun subject. Not sure if you are done, but you could add a bit more deeper orange inside the pumpkin to give it bit more 'glow'.
  • @Roxy, @Summer @PaulB, thank you guys for dropping by, and im wishing ya'll a spooky & fun Halloween. :)

    I just might touch-up a couple bits suggested, some value and chroma push, just to make stuff pop. I did want some little silly thing there on the bottom, but really it was asking a lot at the time (lol.)

    Im thinking some goofy, dangly spider hanging down on the left might round out the composition some, and stay in line with the silly. :sunglasses:
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