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Changing Styles to what I call ContempoCubism

  I moved over here from Post your paintings because it is not considered realism. I hope this is ok here.

in painting, my first love has always been realism and thanks to Mark and his techniques I enjoyed building my own foundations. I love the detail in realism and also the time spent learning other techniques like glazing, stumbling, and much more. I have stepped away front  photographs as a reference and have moved toward quick sketches from memory and life. I have combined the sketches with my favorite style of abstract and added the details of realism. I kind of refer to it as ContempoCubism.

the story behind Springtime in the Commons.

visiting my son in Boston last spring we enjoyed a very nice day at Boston Commons. The swan boats, ducks, swans, and the way the cityscape blended in. 

Here is 4 recently completed. They are all done in oils on canvas.



  • Wow @werby these are awesome.  I'm trying to decide which is my favorite.  I see so much in the second one and it holds my interest the most.  But the third one is so fun with the subject and the coloring.  I can't even imagine the planning that goes into these and how you work it out in your head even before you start painting.  Thanks for showing these. 
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