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Solvent free gel and solvent free fluid

dencaldencal -
edited October 9 in Studio & Supplies

Just stumbled on something new to me.

These Gamblin products present another option to replace oiling out or final varnish.

The main benefit is quick drying and solvent free. Either product can be tinted to apply as a glaze.

The downside is the product is pemanent and cannot be removed.

I’ve not seen these products in my art supply shops yet but I’ll keep looking. Probably an on-line purchase.




  • I have been using Gamblin oils and I like them very much. Keep in mind, I am new to painting, so I didn't go all out with Geneva paints. 
  • I bought Gamblin solvent-free gel on the recommendation of an acquaintance.  I started using it on a current painting and so far I am very happy with it.  
  • I've read about them before. They are made with safflower oil and alkyd resin. I think the concern I have is that the alkyd will make them paint dry faster?
  • I use a 50- 50 mixture of Gamsol and Galkyd Lite for oiling out. I have used the solvent free gel for painting, but it will accelerate drying of the paint and adds gloss. Neither of which I particularly like. I do however like Gamblin products since they have a commitment to keep their products as safe as possible. 
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