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Hello Fellow Painters

so glad to be here. I'm a Realist at heart stuck in a caricature artist job. Here is a sample of a dog painted in Acrylic from a few years ago, self taught. My dream is to make a living as a full time oil portrait artist. Lover of Sargent, and found Marc. Purchased the portrait painting video and looking to learn more and share my studies along the way.


  • FlattyFlatty admin
    Welcome!! Looking forward to that first portrait!!;-)

    you have made made a great purchase. Good stuff!!
  • Welcome!  That's a very good painting.  I look forward to your participation here.
  • Ditto      Ditto             and           ditto.
  • Hi, @easelmaiden. Welcome to the forum. That's a beautifully painted dog. :)
  • easelmaiden

    That is a masterful work with acrylic paint. Beautifully done values and textures.

    If this is the result of you being self taught then you have a lot to teach others.

    Welcome to the DMP Forum.


  • Thank you all for the kind words.

     Dencal, I am happy to share what I know with others, and feel there is still much room for improvement. Happy to learn what I can from Mark. I really think he has a very smart process. Just the studio set up and economy of palette and brushes alone can save me a lot of wasted time and effort. Some things I never knew that would be useful in taking this course. After all our time is irreplaceable. 

    The way I painted this and other pet portraits in this series is this:

    I just see all parts of my subject as an abstract shape, color, value. I just paint exactly what I see without thinking of WHAT it is. And then keep readjusting till I get there. 

    What I can learn from Mark is how not to do so much readjusting. Also I like his thoughts on not putting in every detail and over rendering. I've done some paintings like that too, but these pet painting series do illustrate every detail, so I feel they fall short of the master mark of what makes good realism. Here to learn.
  • I find animals difficult to paint. So my hat is off to you with this excellent pet portrait. You will find its not much of a leap from pets to people. Make sure you use a really good quality photo and jump in with both feet. Mark told me that it takes about 10 portraits before you find the groove. I am working on my 4th and he seems to be right.
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