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Lighten up.

I've  been painting for years but only in the last few years have I taken it seriously. I rent a studio and try to paint Monday to Friday. My painting was always tight, detailed and bland. DMP helped me to lighten up my approach. This painting of a whippet was about to be painted over but I thought, What the Heck, and tried a freer more fluid approach. I finished it in a few hours......unheard of for me because I agonise over every dab. I will never go back to my old ways.


  • Love the composition, brushwork and muted colour scheme. Even though it's loose it all hangs together very nicely.
  • I thought I had deleted this earlier version but found it again. I think it's better in a freer style.
  • There is a world of difference between these.  The looser version has such better color/value, no black outline, depth...

    Don't go back!
  • There's no comparing them - the first image posted above is far and away superior. Stick to your new found freedom, revel in it.  :)
  • The saying beauty is in the eyes if the beholder is so true because I like the  earlier version best.  But what I like does not matter  you have to go with what you like. :)  
  • I think both of them are done well; but, each evokes a different reaction. The first painting: the dog feels lovely, friendly, happy; the second painting, the dog feels muscular, fierce, unpredictable. Those are just the gut reactions I have to the substance of your paintings. 
    The style of painting I like in both. I actually really enjoy the style of the first one you painted, as it reminds me a lot of an Arts & Crafts style of painting that I really enjoy. I wouldn't dispense with it. You really perfected that style.
    The second painting, when I look at the 'technique' I think you've done quite well. There's a strong sense of movement, dynamism, emotion. It is in the style of the classical artists, the masters and I love that style as well.
    Both are equally valuable and I think you are quite gifted in that you are able to utilize more than one style/technique. This is wonderful and you have much more flexibility to convey many different subjects, actions, moods, etc. than many of us mere mortal painters.
    I also wonder if there isn't something of a more feminine quality in the first painting that appeals to women (Rosanne and I) and the second painting has more movement which may intuitively appeal to the men who responded. I don't adhere to gender stereotypes, but it is interesting that there seems to be such a strong reaction from ;males so far. 
    Very good!
  • Well, I never saw those aspects. I'm a man, Grrr, and I much prefer the picture that I posted first. The second picture was one I enjoyed painting but it lacked beef. It was too bland. It sat for months unloved by me and after a while it began to annoy me. As I said before, I was about to give it a coat of grey so I could paint over it. I will post another that I painted of a whippet and grew to hate. I took to it and painted out the background and tried the freer method. I would value your opinions on it, another whippet. 
  • I definitely prefer the first posted painting, nice and loose.
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