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Left Eye Painting

edited October 2017 in Post Your Paintings
I had cataract surgery this past summer, three weeks apart with the left eye done first. Two days after surgery and after post-op, my patch was removed on my left eye and voila! Perfect vision on the left, a remarkable feat as I had been so astigmatic all my life and now I could see as God would have made me see when I was born. Excitedly I mustered up a big 3x4 canvas and started painting an Athens seascape that I photographed 3 years ago, aiming to recreate the feeling and the magic of that night with my family just hanging out at the Greek coastline. Interestingly, I painted what I could see only through my left eye and did my best, hoping that when my right eye cataract was surgerized that all was not too different with seeing through both eyes. After my second surgery, the patch was removed on the right and, I took pause and evaluated the painting. Yes, there were vibrant touches that I could add here and there in  the foliage perhaps, and maybe touch up the highlights in the reflections off the distant shore, but with just these few little changes I decided that it was integrally complete. My “Left Eye Painting”  - it was complete enough and now hangs prominently high up on the living room wall. God blesses us with our faculties and senses, and this painting is proof that beauty can be rendered even with disability - Alleluia


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