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Potatoes and Knife. Oil study on board. 6"X9"


  • Who would have thought the humble spud could be beautiful. Under your hand, @Kaustav they become ennobled. The only thing I might criticize is the shadow of the top potato. It's shadow is surrounded by an area of bright white to the right of the knife and this seems to disconnect the shadow from the table top. Easy to fix. But still, I'd be very proud if I had painted those potatoes. Well done! :)
  • @tassieguy I hate those shadows. Both the knife and the shadows look amateurish. Last thing that I want is a painting that looks amateurish. I'll try to fix the shadows. I lost my concentration at that point.
  • looks nice..They are tough shadows to pull off because eyes are used to the light from the east and shadows going west. I like the heavy but free brushstrokes and even if you didn't add the knife would make a nice piece.
  • I can’t see anything amateurish about this painting !!! Quite the opposite, in fact.  
    The artist’s curse strikes again.  
    You have totally captured the sharpness of the knife , and the texture of the potatoes is superb. 
    It’s a very tactile painting , and the colours work well together. 

  • The knife looks great, @Kaustav. It's just the shadow of the small potato.
  • Wouldn't life be wonderful if real shadows were so colorful? Everything would taste better, even potatoes.
  • This has a great feel to it - the bold brush strokes on the background for me are excellent,
  • Nice study.

    One question I have is how to make that style of messy background "work."

    While I really like how you painted the potatoes and knife, and the foreground table, the background seems a bit "amateurish." I'm not exactly sure why, and I'm sure others may disagree, but I'm interested in having a discussion on how to make that style of background be as effective as possible.

    Here's an example of one that I think was done well and in a similar style.

    A couple reasons why this one might be better are that the focal element (the face) draws more attention so the messy background doesn't attract enough attention to be distracting, another reason might be there's more variation in the kinds of strokes and colour, while at the same time there seems to be less contrast between individual strokes? 

    Do you guys agree this background is better? If so, why? 

  • @movealonghome I am dissatisfied with only the shadow of the small potato and the knife. Background is a thin white shiny cloth. I think it is ok here. 
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