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comission dog portrait

Here is a comissioned pet portrait, i just love the way the dog look at his owner


  • I can hear this dog panting his hot breath right now! 
  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2017

    I find the drawing of this dog captivating, in particular because of the appealing proportions.  I purposely stay away from the fish-eye look when I'm photographing people, but when it comes to pets, the fish-eye look positively enhances the emotional effect--the thought of interacting with this beloved creature.  Giving him a big hug, for instance.

  • Commissioned? This should be a lot better.
  • @KevinGE

    Hmm.. Without describing what you believe needs improving that comment just comes across as mean.
  • KevinGE said:
    Commissioned? This should be a lot better.
    Hi@KevinGE I don’t know whether you are just trolling( in which case I would be better off not responding) or possibly genuinely commenting. It’s hard to tell.
    If this is a genuine comment some constructive criticism would be helpful to the poster. You have posted your drawings here Kevin and you obviously have some skill, how about being generous with your knowledge and sharing where you think the drawing could be improved.
  • thank u so much @Renoir and @Summer I cant agree with u more, the fish eye effect in dogs is always adorable and makes interesting portraits always 
  • edited October 2017
    @KevinGE  think u need to check the thread u recommended me of Paintings Critiques, and try to follow it, OBVIOUSLY when I get much better I will charge much more  ;)  Have a nice day 

    totally agree with @Richard_P and @Boudicca ;
  • OK, this is how I think it could be improved. Firstly I would now stop drawing copies of photographs as such. Use photographs for reference only and this especially means avoiding illusions that are in the realm of photography - such as the fish-eye effect you have in this portrait. no-one sees like this in reality - it's a trick of photography (that can be effective) but should stay in photography. Secondly you've copied a picture with a very narrow depth of focus, another effect of photography that can be effective in photographs but always makes drawings look 'flat'. One of the great advantages of drawing over photography is it's superior ability to enhance 3-dimensions on a flat 2D surface. The ability to 'turn the form' in the lights is important in drawing. I don't see that anywhere in your drawing. Then there's also the lighting of the subject, very flat, another trick of photography (in portraiture to make people look younger and less wrinkly) which in drawing takes away depth and the shadows that enhance 3-dimensionality. Secondly I can see maybe four values in your drawing. Realism needs a much broader value range (this will partly be the fault of your camera when you photographed this drawing). Thirdly the outlines of all the shapes are all sharp - realism needs soft edges and lost edges. Fourthly, I would work on the teeth they look like cut out squares that represent the idea of teeth rather than how teeth really look (teeth are hard to draw effectively). You're on a journey, not arrived yet at the destination, being smothered with platitudes as you are being here (and trying to sell your work at this stage) will distract you from that journey.  
  • - I love how all the errors mentioned r photography related, a commission can be a reference photo given to u by the owner and he want to see it in pencil, thats what i did.
    - u can check other paintings i did from life and most of these errors r not there, of course i´m on my journey and i didn't say that i reached the destination, this is may be invented by u!! 
    - and i love earning money while im in my journey, money doesn´t distract me but helps.
    - thanks for ur critiques, will pay attention to it. 
    Have fun!! 
  • and @KevinGE , i still love the fish eye effect of the dog  ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
  • @Haitham

    Some art is only meant to convey technical skill but if you know when and how to break the rules, art can also convey emotion.  That is what you have done here.  And, besides, the fish-eye effect was around long before cameras existed.  The next time you kiss someone, do it with your eyes open.

  • @Haitham, fish eye is an aberration of the lenses used in cameras. Like to give an example of the effect outside of this? Humans do not naturally experience fish eye.
  • I think you did a Great Job. 
    I just read a  quote by  Salvador Dali and think this is a good place to post it  ( Have no Fear of Perfection , You will never reach it)
    No one is perfect and no one will ever be or do things Perfectly. The fear of not being perfect can hold us back. There was a reason they asked you to do the commission  ( they liked you style).
    Working form Photos is perfectly exceptionable especially when it comes to kids and pets. I know  my pets would NOT sit still for me to paint them.  I've done two commissions of pets that have passed away. I did not have good photos for ether one of them but the people I did them for were very happy even though they were not perfect. 

  • Platitudes, ego stroking and virtue signaling. Sad
  • KevinGE said:
    Platitudes, ego stroking and virtue signaling. Sad
    What? We’re critiquing the critiques now?
    This is more like a tweet from someone with little hands, lol

    I get what you’re trying to say Kevin, but jeez, can you pull your head in a bit and frame your thoughts in a way that we can benefit and learn from rather than being what seems to be deliberately provocative. God, now I’m critiquing your critique of someone else’s critique. Ha ha ha.
  • I agree that the camera distortion here is a benefit - it's a funny picture and is drawn well!
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