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Feedback please

RenoirRenoir -
edited September 2017 in Post Your Paintings
Should I paint the hat or not? The hat she's wearing is too detailed for me at this time. I could do a sheer pink hat in the same form. 
The biggest win I had with this painting is artist paint and the proper medium. Drawing is not accurate, so I need to keep improving.
For those of you who have seen my first few paintings, do you think this is an improvement?
(The eyelashes need to be toned down, it was almost 2:30 am). Still need to touch up errors in the painting. 


  • New phone... don't know why pictures did not post

  • You can see that I scraped the canvas numerous times.
  • Renoir

    Looking good. Press on slowly.

    Yes do the hat. Remember it's only values and shapes. Nothing different to what you have painted already.

    Not really sensible to compare a wip with your finished paintings.

    yes there are some drawing adjustments to do. The nose needs reduction.

  • RenoirRenoir -
    edited September 2017
    Thank you @dencal! I appreciate the encouragement to press on with the hat. As far as the nose is concerned, I have tried multiple times and don't seen to able to get it but I will press on!
  • Renoir 

    Sometimes the surface we paint on becomes really important.  A smooth surface is usually necessary to render fine detail.  One such surface is portrait linen canvas because it has a very smooth surface, ideal for painting detail.  Best to try one first to ensure you're getting something that works well.

  • Thanks @Summer. I agree. This was a leaf out of a canvas notebook. I had stained it but the combination of cheap canvas and rescrapping really beat the heck out of it. I really should stop being frugal and use the best quality supplies. 
  • PaulBPaulB -
    edited September 2017
    @Renoir, all I can offer is that you are taking on multiple challenges: new paint, new medium, difficult image (see @Roxy's portrait for the incredible time/care/blending required), the head is rotated towards the viewer, the background is changed, the hat is removed, and as you say the drawing is not accurate.

    I don't think I could manage more than one of those challenges at a time.

    Edit: Forgot to add the part that says persist and overcome these, you're off to a good start.
  • @PaulB I don't think I even managed even one of those things well!  I agree with you. Unfortunately I don't have the character traits to be methodical and patient which is even more of a handicap.
    I love this photo and I expect I will attempt to paint it many times. Slowly getting the correct supplies. I still need a proportional divider. But I now have proper lighting, paints, medium,  etc. 
    One thing I will definitely need to change though i is the Carder sdm. Apparently i am very sensitive to smells.
  • @PaulB ha! Persistence is one characteristic I have in spades! I may never get perfect, but I will be prolific. Thanks a bunch for that last p.s.
  • @Renoir what a beautiful baby!  I see why you want to paint it over and over!  I love that you are learning and patient and vulnerable with that process.  Every painting will not be a masterpiece and framed but we learn more from our struggles.  Keep plugging along
  • Lovely baby, @Renoir!  It's a bit hard to see the photo well because of the reflections on the monitor but I think including the hat and getting some dark values into the shadowed areas beneath it will impart a more three dimensional feel to the painting. I wouldn't try to include every stich in the fabric of the hat but rather go for a generalized statement of the main areas of value. I also agree with what's been said about a smoother surface for this type of painting.

    What you learn from this one you can apply to the next version. Keep at it. :)

  • Well, I worked on it a lot tonight and now it's 4am! Note to self: stop using cheap canvas. 

    Thoughts on the revisions?

  • Lovely soft colours @Renoir
    As soft as a baby’s skin , so that works really well. 
    If I were to suggest changing anything , I’d say that perhaps the hat could be a little smaller, less adult and with a narrower brim. 
    Maybe im wrong about this , but I’d be interested to see what others think. 
    An adorable baby , by the way.  :)
  • Your colours are looking a lot cleaner now @Renoir.
    The gap between the back of her head and the hat could be reduced.
    Good job  :)
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  • @Boudicca - that has been one of my biggest problems is color. I think using the SDM has helped considerably and better paints. Additionally, I had cad red which is just not the right hue. But more importantly, colors are cleaner! Thanks.
    @Hilary - thank you so much. I was surprised and delighted at the colors. The first thing my daughter said when she saw the painting was 'why is there a big hole in the hat behind her neck?"  I got carried away. Try as I might, I just haven't been able to convey the big grown up had on the little small head baby. So I may just reduce it to child/infant size. Thanks.
    Thank you all for your feedback. It seems this interaction with all of you helps considerably. You're a patient lot!
  • @KevinGE - oh yes, in fact my college roommate was the one who said I painting in the style of Renoir. Makes sense as even when I was quite young I loved his art.
    I strongly agree that this painting turned out as a preconception of 'what' rather than 'who' I was really painting and that bothers me a great deal. There was much I was trying to overcome, not the least of which was finally using clean, artist grade paints, the proper SDM, and the proper lighting. I'm really a novice at all of this.
    The values are so limited that I can it's difficult to make out the face. Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it.
  • Hi @Renoir, I don't have a lot to add to the excellent advice that others have given. Your colours are nice and clean and you seem to be handling the paint well. I would listen to your own advice and get yourself a proportional divider- if you concentrate on your drawing and getting everything in it's right place you'll see immediate results I think. 
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  • @KevinGE - it was a bit of tongue in cheek silliness protesting 'fuzzy ladies' and deformed babies because Renoir did not preoccupy himself with details of anatomy. I guess I really do paint like Renoir! ha!
  • So here's my final painting. I would continue to work on it, but it is so overworked and overpainted I can no longer do corrections. Lots of lessons learned and new ones to discover. One thing I saw another artist do is if a portrait doesn't actually look like the subject, to use a light color paint (muted light yellow) over the painting to draw in the correct borders. It doesn't pay to do a whole new painting because likely the artist will create all new errors. Since this is something I seem to encounter repeatedly despite using pencil to draw in the form even before painting, this may be something I will adopt in future. Here's the final:

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  • Don't be to hard on yourself it is a really good start. Renoir's style is very hard to duplicate and his tones and brushwork are truly masterful. Keep working at it and trust the color checker and proportional divider on your adjustments. I eventually skippedusing any kind of pencil marks on my canvas ( except reference line or two) and keep my divider in my hand for constant correction. Marks video on portraits will really help a lot especially with your color palette, and be careful of blending.

    looking forward to more posts
  • @werby so kind of you to post. Thank you!
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