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My first paintings in oils

I've only been painting a few months and decided to move to oils from acrylics, after viewing Marks fantastic Youtube channel, these are some of my first painting in the new medium


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  • They are selling well, so I'm doing something right   :)
  • My recommendation is to follow Mark Carder's advice in regard to colour matching. Either paint from a laminated photo in which you can check your colours directly on the photo, or from life with a colour checker. Aiming to get your values *perfect* as you are a student will lead you to improve lightyears faster than you will otherwise.

    Check out Richard_P's Bouguereau copy and compare it to your Vermeer copy. The primary reason why his is so much better is because the values are all correct.

    You certainly do not need to take classes and pay for personalized instruction. For painting realism in the style that you see on this forum all you need is to follow Mark Carder's advice without deviation.
  • @mjkeaney

    I don't wonder that they are selling well.  Your work, though not original in the usual still life sense, does reference other art in a unique way.  You are giving tribute to still life artists of the past and this is a legitimate genre and sought after by collectors.  Now learning to paint realism using the Carder method is something else and it looks like you are not interested.  Love your work--it's unique and interesting.

  • @Summer ; They are actually colour matched to free reference images online, overexposure or maybe my printer causes errors, I plan to build a shadow box, when i have the funds, and get a new camera, the Vermeer homage, for example, i planned to glaze in some more colour, but I've seen it said the original had a pale complexion, the uniqueness is my goal, thanks for that comment  :)
  • SummerSummer -
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    May I ask what image processor or service you used to color match?  I'm not familiar with "tinypic" either.  It looks like each image has its own address. 

  • @Summer I just print the pictures downloaded from royalty free sites, with an Epson printer, I don't bother adjusting the tones in software. real life images would be way better, but my camera has some issues at the moment, I plan to upgrade soon.
  • @mjkeaney ;

    I have a clearer understanding of what your objectives are now for this forum, and I have to laugh because you have already hit upon an idea in the arts that could make you a lot of money.  You seem to be a lucky sort!  I'll wish you good luck here anyway.   :) 

  • @summer Thanks, i lucky no, very much the opposite.   :)
  • The onions are really good. The Vermeer as mentioned above needs some color checking. I cant believe you are so new at painting. I hope my progress is as fast as yours.
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    You have achieved this after few months of painting. I think it's really good. Congratulation! You seem to have good ability to observe and translate your observation onto the canvas. As your fruit and veg paintings have good accuracy in value and tone, your off colour Vermeer's painting is just a painting of a faded picture imo.
  • Yep, the Vermeer looks much better in person :)  I might add a slight bit more colour through glazing, but will wait until I hopefully see the original before deciding.
  • SummerSummer -
    edited October 2017
    I don't know what it is exactly, but I just love to see the Vermeer done up like this.  I'm this close from doing one myself.  Either the Vermeer or Edvard Munch's "The Screem".  Too many irons in the fire now, though.  Someday.  Looking forward to your future posts @mjkeaney
  • and I look forward to your future posts @mjkeaney ; as well as works from the great @Summer!
  • This Edward Hopper homage is my latest painting ....90 x 90 cm painted in oils.
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