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Art History You Tubes

A friend of mine (a starving artist) here in Ireland is working on a series of YouTube videos about famous artists. They are very good, although, his vocal mix is not right (and, while I can hear it, I haven't a clue how to fix it - help, anyone?) I suspect he needs a better microphone but he is a starving artist... Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you all would watch, comment, and subscribe to his chanel. Maybe he can get enough subscriptions to buy more Carder paint (I traded a set for painting help).  Thanks!!




  • Weatherford

    Two problems detected.

    The easiest to fix is the room acoustics. Sounds like the recording was made in a tiled room.
    There is a harsh treble echo that can be reduced by building a small box with acoustic foam panels. Place the microphone in the box on a table and speak in towards the box opening.

    The audio lacks mid range. Will be alleviated by the box but a better mike I think is the answer.


  • edited September 2017
    @Weatherford    I will check these out this evening - thank you for posting.  I spend hours and hours watching youtube art history channels.    I need someone to do one about Henri Le Sidaner, I am starving for more information about one of my all time favorite artists.  His family posted one in French and German and the subtitles were completely off and hilarious.  I need an interpreter.  
  • I don't have any suggestions to the problems but I felt the narration and background music were both very good. The problems with voice quality, were not even noticeable a few minutes into the video, because of the narration. Subscribed!
  • @Weatherford   I found both to be very informative.  The only suggestion I have is that in the Manet video, he made reference to "as I stated earlier about Cezanne" or something like that - it made me think I missed something in the video but he was referring to another video.  Each should stand alone - I watched the Manet first so found that a bit confusing.  He could say "in a previous video about Cezanne, I stated....." or something like that.  People aren't going to watch his videos in order - especially if they are searching the topic.  He is very knowledgeable!!!  Thank you for sharing.

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