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Plein-air from bathroom

edited September 2017 in Post Your Paintings
Hey, everybody! Its been a while since ive been around here, so i thought id drop a couple snaps of a thing ive been doing between work.

Its been dreadfully hot even in the end of Sept. Here in TN, and with the nice sunsets of Fall, i had to find a way to paint some plein-air from life.  Why not from a studio bathroom window? :)

Anyway, thats about where im at with it. Ive got some more to do on a little foliage and the cars, and i want somebody walking with their pet (thats a common occurance here.)

Pretty fun little study so far.  I certainly couldnt do it without my chubby fur buddy there. Thanks for looking! (Feedback welcome)


  • This is great, have the same inspiration outside my kitchen window so far, 2nd floor. Lucky to not have the old fashion glass on windows, no distortion in them.
  • @jpb, I think I said this regarding one of your earlier paintings, but your muted palette works well on these subjects. This one kind of has a Sunday morning feel to it. Very nice.
  • edited September 2017
    I like the composition and  muted palette is easy on the eye. I especially like the way you've generalized the main masses and not tried to paint every brick in the walls and every leaf on the trees. This is a  type of painting I really enjoy looking at. You have a good eye for the essentials and the economy of means in the execution is very pleasing.

    Rob :)
  • Nice idea, painting through a window.  Does this make color matching hard, given the different lighting conditions of the subject and your palette?

    The muted palette is really beautiful.  I like the way you've rendered all those shadows across the front of the house, very well done.

    Thank you for not painting the toilet.
  • Nice idea. Paint from wherever you are whatever you see. Some day you should paint the fuzz-a-lump.
  • Just wanted to add, you got your values in real good in this. 
  • Wow, some great comments and feedback! Ive had a full plate with a birthday, motorcycle rides and vet visits this week. Im looking forward to plugging in the next bit on this study once i make it back to my studio.

    I think youd enjoy yourself, @Forgiveness. Now im starting to think about renting apartments for weekends just to be able to paint and not evaporate in the sun! :lol: 

    Roxy said:
    I appreciate your kind remark, @Roxy. I really enjoy knowing someone, especially another artist, is getting good vibes from my work. 

    Kaustav said:
    Thank you, @Kaustav, you're kind.

    tassieguy said:

    Rob :) 
    Im pleased to hear it reads well, @tassieguy.  Ya'll have seen a lot of art and completed a lot of art, which gives a great deal of value to the feedback here.

    PaulB said:
    @PaulB, thanks, man.  Good question-- & It sure does! Here though, ive been working with a more "relative" approach, due to the severe light discrepancy i was dealing with (low, ambient sunlight on surface from reflections on my wall, into a very bright and warm scene.)

    Ive done a lot of experimentation with low-light & sub-optimal white balance situations, trying to find ways to flex that method (with success), however when im tackling transient stuff like this, usually ill just jump in and move paint around.

    I'll save the toilet for next time :smiley: 

    BOB73 said:
    Dang right, @BOB73. Its your story, why not illustrate it?

    As long as Hamburger the cat has some food around, hes every bit as good as a french girl.
  • JPBJPB -
    edited October 2017

    *Edit: yikes, caught a lot of shine. The follow-up will have a better photo.!

    A little update on this guy. I planned on knocking this out today. However, theres a lot of stuff going on here. Next pass just maybe!

  • I think i got this a little closer to where i wanted it.

    Thanks for all the help and great feedback, ya'll! :smiley:
  • Nice updates to the vehicles and trees.
  • edited October 2017
    It's great, @JPB. Consider not adding too much more detail. You wouldn't want to lose that simplicity and immediacy.
  • Love your palette of muted colours, I intend to go that way.
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