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Pls HELP - Slow Dry Medium Mix Error and Question


I am just getting set up, and mixing my Mediums.  When I mixed the Titanium White Medium, I made an error.

What will be the impact of adding 5 parts Stand Oil, instead of 1?  Do I need to throw the mix out and start over?

Here is the Formula for reference in answering my question.  Please help as soon as possible!  I am waiting to start my first painting.

10 parts OMS
1 part Stand of Linseed Oil  (I added 5 instead of 1)
5 parts Refined Linseed Oil
5 parts Venice Turp


  • Krystina

    How much did you make in total fluid quantity ? A small amount could be set aside and mixup a fresh batch.

    You could  multiply the other components by five ie another 30 parts OMS, 20 parts RLO and 20 parts VT.
    Sealed bottles in a dark cool cupboard will keep good for ages. 


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