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What do you think of this photo?

I'm thinking of painting this one next. It has potential, but at the same time I feel like I should have some strategy going in to make it a success. It's quite different than what I've painted so far.

What do you see as strengths or flaws of this image that I need to be aware of? Also any suggestions in regard to what might be a fun canvas size? The crop is square


  • edited September 2017
    Trees behind looks amazingly dark! Seeing it naturally you will discover all these colors. You can make a trade off between the two photos.

  • I think I'd make the closest foliage richer in colour and the background foliage bluer and greyer. In your photo, @movealong, the foliage is pretty much all the same dark value so it's difficult to establish depth. Varying the foliage as suggested might help in that regard.
  • movingalonghome

    Well ... it has good light/dark balance and good warm/cool balance. The tree trunk texture is interesting and the mysterious darks makes that texture prominent as the focus of the image.

    The photo lacks movement and a narrative. There is only a foreground and a background.
    Not good material for a painting but a good painting exercise.


  • Well, to be brutally honest I think there is a danger that a painting of this will look just like a painting of a photo; and without a clear focal point or other internal dynamic I'm struggling to see how it could work compositionally. I think part of the problem for me is the trees in the background, that are all leaning over due to lens distortion - once I see something like that I can never unsee it. I tried some cropping to see if I could find something that interested me within the photo but came up blank. Sorry, that's all a bit negative.

    Is that where you found your pine cone?
  • @Roxy haha no the pinecone randomly appeared in my classroom last year - I couldn't believe how big it was.

    Thanks for commenting everyone - I think I'll just paint something different and better. Not sure what yet but I might experiment a bit. Do a small study of a single object to test out some colours and then do another bigger painting.

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