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A question for Mark's Q&A

Mark - if you could spend a week with John Singer Sargent, what would you ask him and what would you hope to learn?  


  • @ph1 ; I performed a cursory search about him online several years ago and found myself so enmeshed and fascinated by his life, especially his studio in New York and how entire buildings were constructed just for the artists of his ilk and the social class supporting them that I could hardly pull myself away and and re-enter my bleak artistic existence again.  The studios and canvasses were massive.  Travel was worldwide.  I still want to know plenty more, so I think your question is a good one.  Summer 
  • I have a couple. Who would you most like to paint and who would you paint free (if it's not the same person)?  Family not included.
  •  I have a question? If you are using a mirror to do a self portrait does the mirror have to be straight up and down or can it be leaning a bit? And placement is probably the same as a photo? 
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