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Plein air watercolor system

edited September 2017 in Studio & Supplies
This is not related to DMP method. But can be useful in anyone's artistic journey. 

This is my plein air watercolor system. I am taking this with me to Calcutta this October. I am planning to go to the suberbs. I thought of it initially as a backup system. I am not aware of the airport policies about bringing oil paint and metal palette knife on an aircraft. But now this has become very useful and convenient. I will also be able to prove myself that I can do watercolor.  :#  a lot of unpleasant memories!

The sketchbook is small - homemade. Good quality papers; no fuss. Plastic dippers, two clips, a wooden support (easel?), my very old Camel watercolor box (mixing area is a gessoed surface), nylon brushes and a pencil. I will add a black waterproof pen to this. Brushes have been changed later. 

Colors include Chinese white, mauve, burnt umber, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, gamboge, vermilion, crimson lake, cob blue/French Ultramarine, pthalo blue, cerulean blue and viridian. Basically it is a split primary palette with some fill the paintbox colors.  :p

Deliberately avoided using water brush after somewhat negative reviews by a few watercolor professionals. But this can also be used to avoid the hassles with dippers and water.

Made my double sided plein air watercolor nylon sable brushes (double edged sword). Three round brushes of various sizes and one filbert, cut according to the box size and attached with one another with scotch tape.


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