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Titanium White - W&N

RenoirRenoir -
edited September 2017 in Painting
I have been using a large tube of W&N water 'mixable' Titanium white. I use linseed oil as a medium (don't yet have all the ingredients for SDM). Edited to add: Winsor & Newton, student grade.

Even when I use a generous portion of linseed oil, if my color is heavy on the white, it becomes almost waxy or glue like and disturbs the look of the painting as a whole. 

Has anyone encountered this? I started to wonder if I was using too much of the white or too much linseed oil. But either way, I get the same results. Or could it be that it's water 'mixable' and that gives it a different quality?

I am only half way through the tube. My next batch of white is Gamblin artist grade and I trust this will be much better. 

Thanks in advance. 


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