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me on the fiddle

been a while since I've posted anything, this painting lay unfinished for two years, I decided to touch it 
up here and there, not sure if it's finished yet....


  • SummerSummer -
    edited September 2017
    This painting reminds me of old experiences and acquaintances.  Very nice.  I hope you will see it to its completion.  It looks like you are almost finished.  I'd probably be using a magnifying glass or an Optic-Visor for these changes:  The cuff of the sleeve could be defined where it meets the arm on my left.  You've painted the right number of values in the long hairs of the bow, but they don't appear separated or straight enough.  Maybe a smaller brush with a maul stick for stability?  The values of the skin tones are correct but could be softened in the arms, hands, and face.  The whites and blacks of the eyes could be less so.  I would use a very small watercolor brush on the skin and eyes for blending--and clean it right afterward--haha.  The gold chain could use some definition.  This will be a beautiful painting when finished.  :)   Summer 
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