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Alternative to Venice turpentine?

I'm just impatient. I probably won't receive a delivery for a few weeks and cannot find locally. 


  • Contact your local farrier, livestock supply store. Same stuff
  • Thank you @Flatty for your very quick reply. I should be able to find someone here in Wisconsin dairyland.
  • @Renoir -- where are you in Wisconsin?? (if that isn't too personal)  I moved recently to CA from WI and was just in Madison and LaCrosse this past weekend getting my twins tucked into school.  I also attended WI colleges and lived in a couple different communities in WI over a 30 year span with a six year gap in NYC.  We've been in CA for 2 years.  No I don't miss the snow -- but my dogs definitely do!
  • @Bancroft414 Southeastern WI, between Madison and Milwaukee :-)  It looks like I'll just have to order the Venice turpentine online, even through the farm store. I think I'll just put in an order with Blick and wait :-)
    I lived in the Chicago area before and NYC (Brooklyn) for a little bit. Rural living is not for me, but I do love the scenery. Believe it or not, there's a number of artists in this area, both painters and potters. Funny too, I have twins! A boy and a girl, but they're school aged. 
    This summer has been exceptionally cold... and I have to admit, I miss the hot, humid days! It was only 49 degrees today! But I know I couldn't live in a clime without the full four seasons... I would miss it too much. Do you have a child at Madison and LaCrosse? Wisconsin has some excellent schools :-)
  • They make great fire trucks in Appleton, WI. A buddy of mine went there to ferry back A truck we ordered and fell in love with the place. He moved up there a short time later. Now he's on the Fondulac fire department, been there 25 years and still loves it.
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