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New Project - WIP Portrait of Carmen

Howdy All,
I have completed the under painting for a new portrait of a friend of mine. This is oil on 14 x 18 canvas. I used veridian and a warm white, but the iris of the eyes are painted in ivory black.Which looks a little odd when you photograph the painting. Next step will be putting in the skin tones.Happy painting, all. 



  • This painting has really demonstrated the importance of getting the dimensions correct. One brush stroke off and you lose the expression. I still have a lot of detail to put in and correction of a few areas. Feedback welcome, as always )

  • Great Job. Love the Blues but there may be a little too much blue left in her lips? The area under her eyebrow has some blue but that looks appropriate as a reflection? The blue earring looks a little high LOL. Wonderful eyes. Is she a relative?
  • Very nice @tgarney. I know what you mean about the effect of one rouge brushstroke. Though i wonder about the blue dominance. On one hand it plays nicely off the warmth of the skin tones.  But on the other I wonder if the dress should be a touch darker to provide a bit more contrast and to bring the subject a bit more forward. Minor point though, its looking great.
  • Thanks everyone, great advice as always! Carmen is a friend I used to work with at TWC. At this point I have completed the eyes, but still have a lot more to go such as the lips and some dimensional corrections. I have not really worked on the dress, just roughly laid in the blue color so I would have something to push on. If I stay with blue I will definitely darken it. Thanks and happy painting all.
  • The eyes are beautiful and the way you have treated the planes of the face give it a sculptural pleasing quality. I agree about making the dress a bit darker but I understand it's still at the block in stage. I would also think about weakening the blue in the lower lip. This is going to be a beautiful portrait.
  • Here is the completed "Carmen" portrait. I see a few details I could agonize over, and spend hours futzing with it, but I am going to call this finished. (however, I am open for critique as always) Happy painting, all!

  • PaulBPaulB -
    edited October 2017
    I like it a lot.  It has detail where detail needs to be.  I like the amused expression, which is well captured.

    Please enter this in the portrait challenge.  I see you entered.  Great!
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