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Possibly an Alternative to a glass muller (making your own oil paint)

I did research and watched several YouTube videos.  Decided to see if I could make a glass muller myself (unconventionally).  The two things of glass I got at the local goodwill store for a $1.20.  I tried squeezing the glass tensely (I have a low IQ)  to see how sturdy it was and thought my hand was going to break.

Then I got a small funnel from the local dollar store for $2.  I have some Master Gesso (1 gallon) that I got from Dick Blick for $33 to prime my own canvases for oil paintings.  So I poured the gesso into the small glass container and the put the small funnel on top and used elmers glue to hopefully seal it well.  The gesso added more weight to the glass for pressure against the pigment I will be grinding.  The bottom of the glass measures 3 3/4 inches wide.

Hope it works.


  • SummerSummer -
    edited September 2017
    Nice idea that you try to make some of your own tools.  I have found that the optional hand grip sizes and the sandblasted bottoms, etc. have all made it worth paying retail to own a set of these.  This is an activity that gets tiresome so at least you want to be comfortable for the duration.  Treat yourself to a set.  You are worth it.   :)  Summer 
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