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New pochade box.

A while ago I bought a French box easel with the view to doing some plein air painting. It soon became apparent that I wasn't going to be lugging that around anywhere, not only because of the weight but also its highly conspicuous nature. It now does duty as a second studio easel.
 So I thought a little thumbox would be a better option and thought about making one but the reality of my lack of skills in that area soon had me searching for something ready made.......

My new Guerilla Painter pochade box arrived today. I've been stuck in bed with the flu so it brightened my day.
It's the smallest one they do, a very light, very sturdy thumbbox. It holds 2 5"x7" canvas panels, with enough room under the palette to hold paint, medium, rags, viewfinder and some short handled brushes. The easel part doubles as a wet panel holder. There is a thumb hole in the base as well as the ability to add a plate for attaching to a tripod. Weighs 1lb empty. Very attractive design. I might be in love.



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