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Venice turps in Australia & solvent / mineral spirit putting it out there

Hello again near & far

1stly, VT in Australia, anyone have good sources, i read a thread from a couple of years ago & that seems to be with my limited time all i can locate

I would really be grateful 4  any words of wisdom on cheaper & reliable

Today i  purchased 32ml for $15.50 (terebenthini de venise), now realizing a lot more than that will be necessary to equal the proposed SDM model - also are the proportions of the model critical in achieving the result or does anyone have feedback, or has through trial & error achieved (without veering too far offf the path)on substituting for another part or 2 extra of linseed or ...

also i purchased some Gold cross Oil of cloves (for temporary relief of toothache) from the pharmacy / drugstore = 10ml / 1ml of clove Bud oil, I am assuming this is the right stuff (?)

its all quite the excersize after coming from trad turps / linseed in my previous approach to oil application

& lastly for now, on that I do actually like the odor of gum Turpentine, has anyone else used this instead of odorless solvent 

Thanks again in advance & you will likely hear from me again re set-up


  • Hi @imbueandrew. I bought some VT from here ( $25 for 120ml. I tried some pharmacy oil of cloves but it was thick and viscous and out of date, and turned my TW to chewing gum. Then I bought 120ml for about $13 on eBay ( and it seems to work fine.
  • Imbueandrew

    Please do not use pure gum Turpentine.

    Roxy thanks for the VT link . Best price for the art stuff I've seen.


  • Clove oil needs to be fresh and clear. VT can be found where they sell farm and ranch supplies or ask a veterinarian as it is used to dress horses hooves. They use gum turp resin as a substitute but you need VT from larch trees.
  • Thanks @roxy for the links- I've been buying clove oil from the chemist, at about a $1 per ml. I've ordered some from the link , soooo much cheaper.
    I use the Sennelier VT- the link you put up is about 1/2 the price of what I've been paying so next time I will order from that site. Thanks again. 
  • Thanks @Roxy, how long did they take to arrive to the doorstep? I am quite ready to get some paint down, these are the last things I am waiting on
    did it ruin your entire SDM & if so what a waste (??) & did it then turn your Titanium White  to chewy, or all the colours(??)
    gr8 paintings / progress too  (from the moments i had to look). I've painted a lot directly on to board (mdf, ply) & i tack my canvas to them due to what i feel is a restriction of not being able to push into the canvas without bounce when its adversely stapled around bars. Never on aluminum panels though - assuming a different feel all together (?)

    @dencal, Denis I am aware of the toxicity of mineral and gum turps, most OMS has toxicity levels too, they are simply "hidden". Am very grateful though for your concern 

  • @imbueandrew, I've ordered two lots of VT from them (and yes, I had to toss out my first SDM batch). The first took about a week to deliver I think. The second took over 6 weeks, as they had run out and had to re-import some - so you might want to give them a call first to make sure they have some in stock.

    With the SDM made with the dud clove oil the titanium white (that was pre-mixed with the non- clove SDM-TW brew) thickened up only when mixed with other pigments (that were mixed with standard clove-containing SDM). Ultramarine went a bit gummy as well, but not as bad as the white. For the brands I was using at that stage both the white and the blue were bound in safflower rather than linseed, which may or may not have had anything to do with it.

    In any case, with fresh ingredients you should be good to go. 
  • @movealonghome this is slightly off-topic info, I am planning to mix a drop or two of linseed oil to squeezed paint onto my closed box palette from now on without the clove or any other stuff. I have a baby who is just 5 months old and he must not breath the fumes of turps or even clove oil. I am sure there must be some side effect of breathing clove oil continuously.

    What I do now is I put a small piece of cotton soaked into clove oil and put it inside the box. I tell you it has been over three weeks and the paint is still fresh. Only missing thing is the wet paint on the canvas, but that's not an issue as clove oil doesn't work in the seven month long North Indian summer.
    [Deleted User]
  • Thanks @Roxy, too late to call as have already ordered, I will continue to look for another source as well & let you know if I find one . I honestly don't think there is a connection re safflower vehicle as most including W&N, Michael Hardings UB & TW are similarly bound & i have never had a problem, neither though have I incorporated VT & Clove Oil & stand oil into my equation. Perhaps your feedback on it though as you did mention past paints - are your current all bound in linseed. I'm going to be using Langridge & noticed on a discussion of yours you got some, how did you find them and varied drying rates between colors, as limited pallet consists of a lot of mixing & ideally I would like to prevent coming back to a pallet where paints drying out quicker in some areas. I just posted on my other discussion re putting the medium together, any thoughts re that on top of ALL, very grateful
  • @Roxy & lastly for tonight, how did you find drying rates with your pallet & this SDM in the Canberra climate (if I remember correctly that's where you are), I ask as Adelaide is of a similar climate (lacking humidity - thinking of actually getting a humidifier as I am used to tropics and paint staying fresh for a lot longer than I have been experiencing back here, thank you again
  • Hi @imbueandrew, yes I'm using Langridge now with SDM (and SDM-TW for the white) and have had no problems. I add an extra splash of clove oil to the raw umber as Mark suggests and everything dries at about the same rate (a couple of weeks working life on a palette that is covered when not in use). I can't say too much about how the climate might affect this as I've only been painting since autumn this year, so have not faced the horrors of summer. I would expect (as my painting room gets hot) that everything will dry quicker, and that I'll be making use of the fridge to store my palettes more often. I'll find out in a month or so I guess. I'm not sure a humidifier will be much help to you, given oil paint dries by oxidation.
  • Thanks @Roxy, Glad also that i found link below so next time i purchase I dont have to spend the fortune i did in S.A, these are unbeatable rates from my research today, if you know any different it would be appreciated... 

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