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How has painting affected your productivity at work?

How has painting affected your productivity at work?

Do you find yourself able to work more by knowing you have painting to go home to?


  • RenoirRenoir -
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    It's terrible. But I'm a stay-at-home mom   =)
  • When Astronaut and commander Jim Lovell was attempting to get their disabled Apollo 13 back to earth he asked his crew: "Gentlemen, What are your intentions?" @painter8929, What are your intentions with these questions? It would help us to know what you're after to better answer the questions.
  • I want to know if painting provides a boost in productivity in other areas of life due to its ability to remove mental stress.
  • Hi @painter8929 I don't know if painting actually removes mental stress and therefore increases work productivity.
    However, I would say,  that painting  involves problem solving, dealing with frustration, developing patience, improving observation skills, generating ideas, self reflection, dealing with criticism, and expressing oneself. The development of these qualities/skills flow into all areas of life and are beneficial to productivity. 
  • painting get's in the way of work almost as badly as sex. 
  • Seriously?  I'm thinking about getting rid of the work!  For me, as a housewife, that means hiring a housekeeper.  But actually, I need the break from painting at times and always look forward to returning to the studio again--and DMP, and since Work-Study has always been a part of my whole life, I don't see that as ever changing.  Yeah, the work part may be a blessing and it is made easier with something to look forward to doing in the studio. 
  • @painter8929 ;  When I read this, I thought of your question:

    "One works (paints) because I suppose it is the most interesting thing one knows how to do. The days one works (paints) are the best days. On the other days one is hurrying through the other things one imagines one has to do to keep one's life going. You get the garden planted. You get the roof fixed. You take the dog to the vet. You spend a day with a friend. You learn to make a new kind of bread. You hunt up photographs for someone who thinks he needs them. You certainly have to do the shopping. You may even enjoy doing such things. You think they have to be done. You even think you have to have some visitors or take a trip to keep from getting queer living alone...(). But always, you are hurrying through these things with a certain amount of aggravation so that you can get at the painting again because that is the high spot - in a way it is what you do all the other things for...The painting is like a thread that runs through all the reasons for all the other things that make one's life."

    -Georgia O'Keefe

  • Richard, teach them to paint and make it a family activity.
  • edited September 2017
    Yes, that quote is scarily accurate! Sometimes it can seem like an obsession. But there are worse obsessions. It's gotta be better than booze, drugs, gambling or porn addiction, right? And you just might end up with a masterpiece that will move folks, have meaning for them and remind them of you after you're dead.
  • "Work and love, love and work; that's all there is." } Sigmund Freud. If you don't love your work, work on something you love.} Me.
  • tassieguy said:
    But there are worse obsessions. It's gotta be better than booze, drugs, gambling or porn addiction, right? 
    See Bob, that's where you are going wrong.. :D
  • All that stuff got in the way of love and work creating a need for Sig to invent psychoanalysis.  
  • Not working right now.... I'm fearful of how to balance my next job with my desire to paint!  I have long struggled with staying focused on work when inspiration hits (mostly these periods of distraction have been restricted to fantasy architectural design and practical home remodeling ideas!)  Many on this forum who find a way to manage both inspire me that balance is indeed possible.
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