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SummerSummer -
edited August 2017 in Painting
Statement of Purpose:  This thread is for members to state the type of critique they require as members of this forum.  Some will ask for suggestions for improvement - identification of faults - a quick fix - help, not sure what's wrong - etc".

Critiquing Paintings. Please Read.

Artists gain a lot of benefit from both critiquing the work of others and having their work critiqued.

Here is a link to some critique guidelines.

If you would like your painting critiqued please include:  size, medium, support, and any additional information you think would assist forum members in critiquing your work for example - just beginning and would like some comments about how the values in the painting have been executed or; my intent was to create a feeling of calm.

Whether you are new here or an old hand your input into the work of others is of value.
 Respectful and honest critiques can be of great benefit and help us all improve our work.



  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2017
    Hello fellow members.  As I post paintings, I invite critiques, and any light-hearted emotional reactions and humor from other members of any skill level.  Thank you.  Summer
  • edited August 2017
    Hi all, when I post paintings I invite critique and comments. To assist this I will give information regarding size, support, medium, and intent- and sometimes a title.
  • Summer

    Great. What about calling the thread "Carderites Critique Corner"?
    How about a statement of purpose. Say, " Thread to place paintings for critique by Forum members. Be sure to indicate what you want - suggestions for improvement - identification of faults - a quick fix - help, not sure what's wrong - etc".

  • Hello Forum,

    I invite all kinds of feedback for everything I say and do, from all members.  I'm here to learn.

  • SummerSummer -
    edited August 2017
  • Hi, Forum,

    I like all kinds of constructive feedback when I post paintings. If something is not working in a painting I need to know it. And when things are working it is great to hear that, too.

    When I post a painting I'll try to be specific regarding where I think I might need help. For example, I might ask if the composition works. And, if it doesn't work,  I'd like to know why folks think it doesn't. For example, it might be unbalanced, or too staid or uninteresting. Or I might ask if the values look right or whether the drawing is off. And, of course, there may be something about a painting that I am missing entirely and it is very useful to have these pointed out. For example, I might have inadvertently made my clouds or the sky holes in my trees look like funny faces or cartoon animals. These types of things are often visible to people who come to a painting with fresh eyes. 

    I never take criticism personally providing it is offered in the right spirit. It is never useful to me for someone to simply say "This is "sh*t" or "...couldn't paint for love nor money".  Yes, such things have  been said, even here on the world's best artists forum and they are entirely useless as critiques. Fortunately such incidents are very rare here. 

    I enjoy getting constructive feedback so I try to return the favor whenever someone posts a painting. Feedback helps both the giver and the receiver. So happy painting and posting!

    Rob :)

  • I've offered feedback, advice, critique (depends on your definition) and mostly I offered encouragement to all in the forum. In so doing, I invite and encourage the same from all. 
  • I am open to all types of feedback and generally try to include all the basic information about a painting. I am especially interested in discussions of my compositions, perspective, depth and aesthetics.  I often ask the forum for very specific assistance regarding the treatment of technical aspects of the work.  I may not use all the advise I get but I appreciate every comment.  I am just an amateur with little experience and very specific goals.  I have made no secret of the fact that I started late and have specialized so that I can get good at one thing.  If I am ever satisfied I might branch out.  So far the forum has been one of the three legs on the stool.  The first being Mark, and the third being my own willingness to practice and fail sometimes.
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