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Continuing with Hockney

I've decided this approach suits my love of color and a more graphic feel.  So here's my next project.  I took the photo of this man in a suit walking across the beach with the Santa Monica pier in the background.  I like the strong horizontal elements.  (I'll include a little ocean) Below is also the same image with a digital treatment to help me visualize the photo as a painting.  On my way to the art store to get a canvas!


  • I love it! But I love 'incidental design', ie. buildings, surroundings, environment. I really like the way you cropped it and changed the composition. Will you extend the (viewer's) left side to include ocean? I also enjoy the brilliant colors which strongly suit the setting, beach, ocean and, amusement park, and brings a bit more irony to a man in a suit walking across a the beach on a bright sunny day. When you start painting or when you get close to completion it will be very informative to understand how you use paint color and indeed, what colors and mixes you use to convey this atmosphere.
  • karynrkarynr -
    edited August 2017
    Thanks, Renoir. Yes, I'll definitely add a bit of ocean to help the viewer identify this as a beach.  Can't wait to begin!
  • Great choice! I love the digital treatment, can't wait to watch the process!
  • I think this this will make a striking painting. The colour  and the juxtaposition of the man in the suit works well.

    @karynr you might enjoy this documentary about Hammershoi - he liked painting figures from behind.

  • karynrkarynr -
    edited August 2017
    Thanks, @Boudicca, I can't wait to view it.  I used to feel bad about not doing faces.  Now I'm going to make it 'my thing'.  Here's another one I'll do one day (with a little editing.)
  • Thanks @barbara.  
    This one will be more difficult because I don't have a lot of information to go on and maybe that will be a good thing.  If I can nail the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, the wall and the man, the rest can be abstract.  

    This one is a little scary, but you have to take some risks!
  • Scary? Maybe. I think trying to paint the Coney Island Cyclone would be scary. It would be like trying to paint a basketball team portrait with them all dressed in plaids. I like your idea about painting that ferris wheel beach scene. Is there an underlying message there with the man in the suit on the sand.... Corporate Bigwig in league with the Saudis....  just for the fun of it?
  • karynrkarynr -
    edited August 2017
    @bob73 The suit guy does seem inherently evil, doesn't he?  The challenge will be creating a sense of distance.  It will be fun to try.
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