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Substitute oil paint for Permanent Alizarin Crimson?

I just discovered Grumbacher Max Watermixable oils (I've been using Winsor and Newton Artisan WMOs).  I'm considering changing over because Grumbacher uses alkali oil (dry faster).  I have an art crafts who in October and I'm trying to do as many paintings as possible between now and then.  I have 30 right now ranging from "16x20, 18x24, 28x30".

Grumbacher has alizarin Crimson but it's not permanent.  I saw that they had Quinacridone Red, Ultramarine Red and Grumbacher Red.  Based looking online they look similar to Permanent Alizarin Crimson from W&N.  Any thoughts or advise?

I use the Essential Palette in everything and rarely use black.


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