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Greetings from the area of the Great American Eclipse 2017, Missouri, USA

Okay, I just had to brag, it was stupendous, but, anyway,  I am new here, 71 years young and just taking up Oil painting for the second time.  The first was when I was 18.  I took lessons from a teacher down the road from my home in Lake Elsinore, California.  Don't know if I ever learned much from her, but she got me started.  The last painting I made was a sunflower somewhere in the erly 1980's, then I laid up my paints.  Two weeks ago I opened them up.  Wow, all except two tubes were pliable and usable.  So I went hog wild and purchased things I could not afford in my earlier years.  Two Easels, One I did not even know I won on a Goodwill auction, so purchased a second one on Ebay, new tubes of paints, canvas's, new mediums (Marks slow dry medium being one of them) and a new sunflower.  I thought I would try out some of the new (to me) manufacturers of Oil paints. The tubes I had from way back were Grumbacher's and I have to admit I have been extremely disappointed in the Chromium yellows I have opened in the past two weeks.  The tube I have left from the 1980's is thick, rich, with amazing coverage.  Nothing like the newest ones.  Of course none of them were a Grumbacher pre-tested yellow which I should probably go back to unless someone can recommend a different manufacturer with affordable prices.  

Anyway, I have never been a master, not even close, just enjoy putting colors on a canvas and having something close to what I see come out. I am in awe of the paintings I have seen here.



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