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Gesso on other side of canvas (safe?!)

I'm assuming this is okay but just wanted to make sure it was okay for some of the gesso to come out to the other side.


  • edited August 2017
    This is quite alright!, this how acrylic gesso creates a seal on the canvas to protect from oil, no worries. This means you did a great job for this step of the process.
  • sonnystrauss

    Traditional gesso was a chalky absorbent mix of chalk, glue and pigment.. Great for wood panels.
    The new canvas weave needed to be filled (sized) with rabbit skin glue. More recently an acrylic primer is used.

    Modern gesso is predominantly an acrylic base with titanium and calcium carbonate (chalk). This should be an adequate seal to prevent the linseed oil from saturating and degrading the weave. The important attribute here is that the gesso is good quality and with a solid coating.

    A brittle gesso will crack with the canvas flexure, suggest a stress test on a spare piece of canvas.
    Put a teaspoon of oil on a flat lying canvas to check if it bleeds through. Flex and roll a dry piece and check for cracks.


  • I used a foam brush to apply the gesso
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