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It's Getting Ugly!

karynrkarynr -
edited August 2017 in Post Your Paintings
...and that's okay.  So glad I learned about that concept or I'd be panicking right now.  I enjoy the process.  I'm trying something new, I'm going for a pop art-ish, surreal kind of feel with this piece and I've never done that before, but I think the image lends itself to that approach. There are lots and lots and lots of corrections to be made, but I'm enjoying my trip into new territory.


  • Absolutely BRILLIANT! There is so much I love about this painting! The colours, the shadows, THE HANDS!!!! You nailed this. Love it!!!
  • No, no, no, Barbara.  The bottom image is my photo digitally enhanced and although I"m not looking to exactly replicate the image, I am using it as a guideline.  The top image is my WIP.  I'm glad you like the photo, hopefully I can do it justice.
  • I think you are off to a fantastic start!  I also thought the bottom was your finished product  - I'm glad you clarified.  I love it that you are having fun!  I've had so many times that I gruel and grunt and would give up painting for years.  It is such a joy and a pleasure to be able to paint and escape and create - I hope I never get serious again and beat myself up.  Truly, I think you are off to a fantastic start!  I was watching a master oil painting demonstration and the artist explained how you lose your painting and find it again many times in the process of painting a painting.  Every painting has an ugly phase and sometimes, many.  Ride the waves and have fun. 
  • Thanks, Julianna.  This is also my first canvas painting in a very long time so I'm getting used to that again.  I much prefer gesso board, but I wanted to do a larger painting and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a large panel.  This is only day 1, many more days of painting ahead!
  • Well.. loving your choices already!   :p
  • Thanks, Barbara!  I'll try to deliver!
  • Great start, @karynr.  I love the digital photo. If you can match the values it will make a brilliant painting. I love the minimalist simplicity of it. The subject is appealing, too. 
  • The right edge of the cap in your painting is better than the photo. That was a good job of compensating. This is really coming along nicely. It's not my style of painting but I can appreciate the challenge and the work you've put into this. I think she would look more natural with a stiff fiberglass rod with a Penn 206 attached to it.
  • Thanks, Tassie.  I love my photo of this woman an I've wanted to paint her for a long time.
  • Thanks, Bob73, if this turns out horribly I might add that.
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