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How much medium to mix?


I am new to oil painting, been painting digitally And some acrylic, but now I want to try oil painting, inspired by Marks videos :-)

I have bought the recommended artist oil paints from W&N

I have all the ingredients to make the medium, but I'm not sure how much medium to make, would 500ml medium be enough to get started, or?

Tommy Barnabas


  • 500 is plenty. It will last a long time.
  • Barnabas

    Welcome to the Forum

    I suggest if you just want to get a toe in the water and try it out half a litre would do.
    As a casual painter doing maybe three paintings a year, I mixed a liter and it has lasted me years.
    This is a result of keeping my mixed stock color in optimum storage conditions. I last mixed a batch of basic W&N water mixables with slow dry medium in June 2015 and still using them.

    Keep your slow dry medium in screw top green or brown bottles in a cool dark place. Keeps well.


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