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Student of art - glad to be here

Hello everyone. I found Mark's videos to be incredibly helpful and my work has already improved even though I've only been at it for a few weeks.
When I was young I had 'natural art talent' and started college majoring in art. I loved line drawing, sketching, painting with acrylics, etc. But I had never even attempted oil paints.
I changed majors and stopped 'doing art'.
30 years later and I was given a French easel and lots of supplies and paint. And I found myself afraid of color! I realized I didn't truly understand Color Theory. So I spent loads of hours watching Mark's videos before I started. 
My first few paintings are awful, but I recently found some significant improvement and I am encouraged. It was as though I had lost all my 'natural talent' but I'm re-learning from Mark's excellent advice.
Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and I hope that in the future I can join in more discussions.
This was my first 'successful' still life: two grapefruits. I never completed the background though.



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