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Using the Color Checker with Photo Reference Material?

Hi.  I was wondering if anyone here has had success using their color checker to match colors on a photographic print?  I've tried dabbing paint right onto my photographs to match colors, but the paint ends up covering the area that I want to check.  When you dab paint onto a photo, you are actually comparing the dab of paint to the areas that are surrounding the dab of paint, not the area covered by the dab itself, no?  Wouldn't it be better to use a color checker very close to one's photographic reference and do a comparison of colors like you would when checking colors in a real-life set-up with the color checker?  I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to best use the color checker when working with photographs.  Thank you in advance.  Happy Painting! 


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    Or you can use a piece of clear plastic, paint a swatch on it and put it next to the colour/value you are trying to match. When the plastic gets covered in paint swatches you just toss it and cut out a new bit. Works great and saves the time and  expense of laminating.
  • Thank you for the replies, Boudicca and tassieguy.  Have either of you tried using the color checker with photos?  It might be nice as you can move the color checker around little by little in front of the photo to see where the hue, value, and chroma are changing.  Moving around a dab of paint that is on a sheet of clear plastic over a photograph would also probably work.  Hmm...looks like I've got some experimenting to do.  :-)   
  • I haven't used the colour checker with photos, I have only painted two paintings from photos and have used laminated photos, dabbing directly on the photo.
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