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Hello from Palm Springs, CA

Hello! I just joined yesterday and I'm looking forward to sharing and learning.  After six months of "getting ready" (ok maybe a year!) I finally started.  Although I took general art classes as a child and teen, I haven't done anything with it since and while I have long wanted to, just got too damn busy with regular life.  Several significant losses in my life this past year pushed me to stop procrastinating.  

But how to start? I intentionally bought cheap everything (brushes, canvases, paint) and a used easel on craigslist to lower the pressure.  I think that approach was very helpful.  I will definitely upgrade the paint and brushes as I get better.  I kept several pointers in my mind at all times from DMP lessons: Mark's wife's observations in her videos that painting for her is about making and correcting mistakes (very helpful), and of course the excellent advise to not pollute my shadows, work dark to light, look for the 2D shape in the 3D image, etc....

So as of today I've done 7 paintings in the last 30 days.  I have intentionally chosen very challenging subjects so that I can maximize the learning -- I posted the first three yesterday and the next two this morning.  I will post the remaining two tomorrow -- (My computer is having issues syncing up with my cell phone.)  

There are small bits in each of the paintings I like very much and much that I wish I'd approached differently. C'est la vie, right? I've discovered there is amazing freedom in embracing the role of "novice/learner" and Mark's method makes so much sense to me. I have enjoyed mixing colors for my palette almost as much as paining. (the photo below is of my first palette - I mix them on the disposable gray palette paper and transfer them to the smaller palette.  I prefer to stand when I work and like holding my palette) I don't have a space in my home that works for a dark studio but I have a wonderful space along a western bank of windows with diffused light that works very well for about 4-5 hours every afternoon.   

I am really looking forward to learning from all of you and greatly appreciate the comments and feedback you have shared thus far. 

Palette for Painting #1 - Before

Palette for Painting #1 - After



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