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How long do Mark's oil medium mixes last in storage?

Hey everyone!

I have a ton of medium for both titanium white and the various other colors. About a liter and I've already made a good 7 paintings. It's going to be several years until I'm done with them as I made a lot. Does anyone know how long these mixes with the OMS, clove oil, ven. turpentine, stand oil, etc., last if in sealed glass jars? 

I also have a lot of Venetian turpentine left over I bought in a huge can. How long will Venetian turp last and still be usable in the medium mix after being opened?


- Karissa


  • Karissa

    I am just finishing the first liter of SDM I mixed about five years ago and it works fine.
    Screw top, dark green glass bottle stored in a cool dark cupboard will keep it on good condition.

    VT is larch resin. In its 100% natural state, stored in airtight glass, will keep indefinitely.


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