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Forgiveness - Portrait Challenge Blog - 3rd Painting Completed!



  • Looking very good @Forgiveness,  and I think your photo is very far from being the worst in the world. Sorry to hear about your troubles - as others have said, use your art to get yourself through :).
  • I  used my camera also. its like when your mother in law is coming for a visit , you start to see the house through her eyes and get busy fixing it. The camera lets you see it the way others would see it.  Its going to be great.
  • Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. I'm sending positive thoughts your way! 
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    Thanks everyone, this helps. Been enjoying painting, everything great today! It occurred to me that I painted this while outsmarting/outdoing this camera's technical abilities, this is a great thing! 
  • I'm so sorry you're having a rough go of it. The painting is definitely moving in the right direction. Here's an opportunity for you to be gentle and loving with yourself while you paint your way through this tough time. I did a self portrait a while back and, while I was painting it, a family crisis occurred. I spent a couple of weeks taking care of myself, (literally with every brush stroke) while the world collapsed around me. I look at that painting with gratitude now, recognizing I am fully capable of taking care of myself. 
  • What a beautiful soul you have @Forgiveness.
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    Once again, not the greatest photo but quite adequate. My next goal is to finish covering the canvas, need to mix the colors for the face. Paint is drying fast, no worries. I'm still taking things slow, seems the best pace in the world right now, maintaining a sense of caring is important! Color mixing takes the longest as I am aiming for accuracy in this one. Enjoy! 
  • I commend you, @Forgiveness, for the crazy detailed drawing. I think that's going to be my toughest challenge working the DMP method. I go cross-eyed when I look at all the topographic lines!
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    Thank you @Barbara, these are a lot of lines indeed, too many, they don't mean too much except as good directional guide lines, helps keep me focused, will be carefully removing some as I go, will interfere with oil paint adhesion if I don't. Hopefully this won't take too long to complete from here, and I am down to my very last bit of paint just for this, and it may be a while before I can replenish my supply at this moment.
  • You came to my mind yesterday, @Forgiveness as I was watching a video on the value of sketch books that Cesar Santos posted a while back. The importance of artistic expression during personal transformation is immeasurably valuable. I encourage you to continue to paint, sketch, write.. whatever you feel called to do.. at this tender time. When I first began painting, almost 15 years ago, it was during a personal crisis and all I had was old house paint. It was the one space that I felt safe and able to release emotions I wasn't even aware I was harbouring. I wish I had used a sketch book to house all of those intimate expressions. It would be so precious to me now, to look back and recognize my own vulnerability and how I moved through everything.  This is the link to the youtube video.. I noticed he has a follow up one I'm going to watch as well. 

    Take care.
  • I have a lot of unused tubes from testing brands and colours out. What brands and colours do you normally use? I'm happy to send you some for you to use. 
  • I appreciate your offer @Richard_P. I use W&N, I'm in need of Alazarine Crimson, French Ultramarine and Cadmium Yellow Pale the most at this moment. I live in Canada, if any shipping charges?, I can accommodate, can mail you a money order in U.S. funds, does this work?
  • Thank you @Richard_P, how can I get further info to you, so that you may send them?
  • Send me a private message on here with your address :)
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    Funny enough, today I feel like the happiest person in the world, thanks to everyone! Wow! So looking forward!!! just so happy! so fortunate.
    [Deleted User]SummerBOB73Renoir
  • Remember you need to Private Message me with your address.. ;)
  • Parcel sent today to you, should take 5-7 working days to arrive. Enjoy!!
  • A new reference photo still not perfect as in my studio, and this is my color palette for the darker side of the face, these may need adjusting as I go. This shouldn't take long for progress now.
  • Beautiful steps there @Forgiveness ;    I can't wait to see your next post
  • Good steps, @Forgiveness. Looks like you have everything covered.
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    Things moving along well, slow is good, working dark to light, beginning with the darker side of face, noticed mistake with eye in dark area being too high and corrected it by wiping off the wet paint and scraping the dry off, thus rendering that eye once more, adjusting colors along the way coming quickly and easily with the above palette, excellent base to work with. Have the tendency to cover and complete the darker side of the face and move on from there. Weather makes things more challenging and manageability is strict, so very hot, humid and rainy, my paints tend to dry fast, doing my best to work with it, will post soon. Will see Mark's new video "How To Mix Great Flesh Tones" before moving on. Thank you!
    [Deleted User]BOB73Ronna
  • I have not painted anything further on my portrait for the challenge, I have chosen to stop and hold right now. My intention was to share my progress with you as I go along for your benefit and for constructive feedback so that I may continue painting until completed. I have stopped because I have no money and no telephone to work with to pay for posting progress photos and I am out-rightly pissed!, but I can resume again on Thursday Aug. 31st. In the meantime I am having fun time rendering several portraits for "Let Me Draw Your Portrait" blog, in pencil and charcoal, I expect to post on Aug. 31st.
    [Deleted User]SummerKaustav
  • SummerSummer -
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    @Forgiveness ;  Thanks for the update.  We'll be here.  Life can get in the way sometimes.  That little dog I keep posting on this site:  We had a middle of the night medical emergency with her and had to drive several hundred miles where a clinic was open on a Sunday.  She should be okay in a few days.  God I hate these things.  Several more days without studio time, though.   :s   
  • Hope it works out for your dog, perhaps when you get back in the studio you may be newly inspired and make up for it. Even though not so well around me, I am newly inspired, brilliance is a wonderful thing!
  • I hope things improve for you soon @Forgiveness, and for your dog @Summer.  Sending positive thoughts!

  • @Forgiveness , Sorry to hear things are not well. You have a good attitude and a positive way of looking at things. Look forward to your phone coming back online and see all that inspiration. 
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    I am wearing a smile and shining just as in the photo above, every day, everywhere I go, in all I do these days! I promise no one comes this public library like I do and leaves like I do, it's wonderful for now.
  • At this point I have to withdraw from the "Portrait Challenge", as "life is in the way". I am unable to post progress photos but still may meet the submission deadline. I remain committed to completing my portrait and post the final results here, while aiming to meet the deadline. In the meantime I remain encouraged, I can watch Mark's videos and continue to refer to everything you all taught me along the way and enjoy the best I can. I'll be back soon, Best regards! P.S. I understand that I can ask for an extension for submission in the portrait challenge if I need to and if appropriate.
  • We will miss you and look forward to your return <3
  • I will miss you as well, and look forward to seeing you on DMP in the near future.  <3
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    This is where I am at with this, everything is dry, needs oiling out and have to remix all my colors, no worries, now can I meet this deadline for the challenge? I have my doubts and feel more comfortable with Tuesday 17th, October, would this be ok?
  • @Forgiveness ; Just as a member, it would be great with me.  I like your progression of steps.  Summer
  • Latest, working with fresh new pallet that took a long time to recover with fresh new colors (thanks to the dear one who recently donated some paint for me) and outlook and oiled it out. Even tough I did not make it into the portrait challenge after all, it's good to complete this here on this thread. At this point, some darker values are missing because I didn't see until after the light blue was painted in, this is not serious I can put these in now. My aim is to get the rest of the face and neck covered ASAP, then begin blending as needed. Looks way out of whack and kinda freaky lol! but I know it is not because of very frequent and real tough color checking, and this will all make much better sense when completed. The previous pallet's skin tone colors were too cool (Alazarine Crimson), cold in fact and warmed up perfectly (adding some Rembrant Scarlet) for this new pallet. Cadmium Yellow Pale W&N not available here for months, will arrange to purchase Gevena. It's been a real challenge and struggle because of things outside of myself which I have no control over and it's a drag! most often makes me feel like I am a drag and all I do. I am grateful to continue to paint through this difficult time, my painting does not reflect any awkwardness, pains or struggles that I experience but has slowed me down a lot, very grateful for the support of everyone here, so encouraging. The turnout for the portrait challenge is absolutely outstanding and extraordinary and quite inspiring. 
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    I have 1/2 face just about completely covered, some paint dry, some still wet. There is so much color in this, a lot of work to get them in same family (not perfect at all but a lot of color checking none the less!) and working hard to maintaining and create good values in this. There are no real details, much depends on real good values. Even though I am not really trying for a likeness, it seems to just be happening anyhow (bonus!). I enjoy Rembrandt "Scarlet" oil paint in this pallet. Colors in this photo are just slightly over saturated in color, but not the actual canvas in my studio. Real close relationship between drawing and oil painting. The brighter side of the face should go much faster for me, once I get the mouth in with its darker values first, everything are lighter values after this. Much patience and understanding is happening here too. Very interesting process, and enjoying it. Been using this to help get more comfortable in the studio and have plans with many new paintings to come, playing around with still life set up, collecting (my own) photos for future paintings to come as well. 
    Julianna[Deleted User]dencalKaustav
  • Coming along very nicely. 
  • Keep going it's looking great 
  • I like what you've done so far, @Forgiveness. I look forward to seeing the finished painting. But patience is the key - I don't want you hurry it. :)
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    I've been inconvenienced internet @ home, so cannot post or visit as often and promptly as I wish (temporarily), patience definitely the key. Things progressing quite well on this piece, looking to post real soon. Thanks so much for support! Been able to manage/keep my paints fresh for just about a month now! 43 colors for the shadow side, much less for the lighted side of the face.
  • It's looking good!  Thanks for the update.  Encouraging to watch this thread.  :)
  • It's looking great, @Forgiveness. I can recognize your style now. The way you use light and shade and the way you apply paint I find very pleasing.
  • Congrats!! Fantastic work so far! Looking forward to seeing the finishing touches! 
  • Remarkable.    remarkable patience too! Hang in there!
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