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Hello from Tucson (and elsewhere)

Greetings to all on DMP!  I have been following Mark's site for some time, and have just recently made the commitment to learn to paint realism and work with a limited palette.

I started painting about 6 years ago...watercolor to acrylics to oils (water soluble) and fell for the beginner's trap by buying many more pigments than necessary. I consider myself an intermediate level painter and want to get better.  

Most of my paintings are now in oils, and most are from plein air journeys. Because my studio is small and shared with my wife, I will most likely be working from photographs (my other major hobby) and must use non-toxic mediums and paints.  I just ordered the complete set of Geneva oils for that purpose.  I also use water mixable oils (Duo Aqua) for the same reason.

I am looking forward to posting a painting or two for critiques. 
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