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Alicia - quick painting 8" x 8"

It's my friend's daughter's birthday on Saturday so I wanted to do her a present of a painting of her daughter. With being sick for a few weeks I've only had a short amount of time so did a smaller painting of 8" x 8" in size.

This was also a bit of an experiment in that I painted onto the smooth surface of expanded PVC foam without having any tooth from a gesso or a roughened surface. I quite like sliding paint around, but this was very slippery even for me! Probably not as much as painting onto Yupo paper or other plastics but still tricky. Each brush stroke tended to show the white background through, especially on the more transparent colours like the blues. I tried to use this with the vertical brush strokes to suggest the texture of the wooden post on the left.

I wouldn't recommend painting without any tooth to the surface, but it was interesting to try. Oh, this wasn't using Geneva paints as I need them to finish drying by Saturday!



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