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Wood panel options

I have a couple of wood panel paintings that are destined to go on the wall in my home, the others having a more grisly fate.  I have a part of a wall where I intend to show my stuff, one painting at a time.

I enjoy using wood panels, but the edges look terrible.  How should I deal with this?  I could go in afterwards and paint the edges a solid color, or use a suitably-sized frame.  A floating frame would seem to also require edge painting.

Can anyone suggest options?


  • Adequately sized framing is a good option fora dry painting . Most of the plein air paintings have some are left unpainted due to the panel holders.
  • a well-finished shadow box slightly larger than the panel. This is similar to a floating frame effect but they are actually two separate pieces that can be used interchangeably with other panels close in size. 
  • Thanks @Kaustav, I see examples of that now - a close-fitting frame covers the sides.

    Thanks @BOB73, never heard of a shadow box frame.  Looks like a deep floating frame.

    I shall go investigate these, thanks guys.
  • I very often paint on 1/4" Baltic birch panels that I cut myself to the sizes I want. Most are put into frames I purchase online, but have put a few into shadow box frames and the edges are sanded and painted black to match the background of the shadow box.
  • DGM 
    ...  the edges are sanded and painted black to match the background of the shadow box.
    That seems like an important step.  Thank you.
  • I have been witness to the above most often, painting the edges black (flat black) for a floating or shadow box frames. I used to work in framing business.
  • I only paint on wood panels now.  I just don't like canvas...never really did.
    Me too.  I bought a hundred panels of various sizes (6" x 6" to 12" x 12").  I like the grain and the feel, and the fact that it doesn't "give" when I put a brush on it.  76 remaining...
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